Until The Sky Dies - Forgotten Pact - Reviewed By Necromance Magazine! Tuesday March 2 2021, 10:22 PM
Until The Sky Dies - Forgotten Pact - Reviewed By Necromance Magazine!

Until The Sky Dies - Forgotten Pact - Reviewed By Necromance Magazine ! check it out here at this link: http://necromance.eu/until-the-sky-dies-usa-forgotten-pact/

The wild presence of a multifaceted musician is usually a door to a side as heartbreaking as it is dark. In this project called UNTIL THE SKY DIES we have this sample to spare. The title of the work says it all "Forgotten Pact" a succulent mix of influences, with a raw and oversaturated sound, of benefit to lovers of that melancholic Extreme and more aware of the content than the environment.

An opening that allows no doubts, the album is violence and nonconformity, with an overexposure of some electronic bases that, perhaps, throughout the album, will make other aspects more Doom lose shine. To question the choice of certain artistic variants is an absolute lack of respect, but the lack of projection of other more technical edges for this genre is somewhat surprising. Songs like "Destructive voices" generate a clear idea of ​​a fierce conversation with those inner demons that we have nurtured as children and, currently, they come to demand retribution. Good game of voices, dry and harsh, confused and lethargic, but always below that manipulation of the instruments. The guitar in front, a bass that is barely noticeable and the drums put on repeat mode, sadly, they do not generate a hypnotic trance, rather the opposite. Sometimes the narrative eats away at everything else, bringing that Old School sound too close to almost unnecessary overdrive, but it comes out on top with changes of pace that are as dense as they are suffocating. "I the Victor" or "Zeppelins are not made to fly" are, moreover, like a Post hymn that explodes in your face, a seductive way of pulling out rusty blades and shaving your soul on any given night of introspection.

The continuous presence of a concept and an idea, more than a musical creation, makes it a difficult album to digest, with small details more like an organist who drinks a few glasses of TOM WAITS blood, and perverts them with a somewhat putrid computer that does not know the labels, but that takes advantage of the total lack of creative rigidity. Exclusive for those who enjoy poetic philosophy and like to navigate between surges of electricity and somewhat saturated samplers. - 7/10 - Necromance Magazine

Crushing Post Doom Meets Avant Death Metal from this Adventurous Duo. Until The Sky Dies   loves to add odd synths and electronics through out as well as Post Hardcore movements. The Year Zero Blueprint  (2017) on Cimmerian Shade Records, PR was done by Earsplit.

For Fans- of Melvins , Swans , Bolt Thrower, Faith No More, Devin Townsend

Clint Listing- Vocals , Guitar, Bass Ryan Michalski- Lead Guitar, Synth, Drums

Out November 13th 2020

1.Chose to Die

2.Destructive Voice

3. Hope, Sorrow, Release

4. Never Wanting, Never Lost

5. I the Victor

6.Dear Mother , Not Forgotten

7. Zeppelins are not made for Flying

8. Experimental Vision

49 Mins 55 Seconds


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