GRIZZLE: Fly You Fat Bastard - Reviewed By Hard Rock Info! Sunday February 21 2021, 11:30 AM
GRIZZLE: Fly You Fat Bastard - Reviewed By Hard Rock Info!

GRIZZLE : Fly You Fat Bastard - Reviewed By Hard Rock Info ! check it out here at this link:

Back in the 90s 2 guys from New Jersey and New York City formed a punk and metallic inspired hardcore band. This is the only album that came out with that band, through long defunct label J-bird Records. Now it will be re-released on digital platforms with the help of Dead Games Records. The music is actually pretty slow for being hardcore, but very heavy instead, which makes it sound more like metal. Not bad though. Well, maybe not fantastic either, but absolutely good enough to listen to. I don't really know what else there is to say about this, but give it a try at least. - Hard Rock Info

Out Feb 26th 2021 - Out of the 90’s comes the Punk and Metallic Hardcore madness within NJ/NYC scene..

Formed by this Duo Clint Listing- Vocals & Guitars ( Sulkweed , Long Winters Stare , As All Die , Until the Sky Dies & Magni ) and Jason Mills- Drums & Backing Vocals ( Thirsty Cows ) They performed all over NJ/NYC and did a East coast tour performing with Today Is The Day ( Amrep/Relaps e) and Cavity ( Hydra Head Records ). Originally released on long defunct label J-bird Records (CD only).

This now has a second life via Dead Games Records through Bandcamp and All Streaming/ Digital Platforms ( Spotify, Youtube, Apple, Amazon, Tidal and Pandora)




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