Lisa Perry from Hellz In The Inked Magazine Cover Girl Competition! Saturday January 23 2021, 3:13 PM
Lisa Perry from Hellz In The Inked Magazine Cover Girl Competition!

Lisa Perry from Hellz is currently in the running for Inked Magazine's Cover Girl Competition ! Check it out here at this link:
Why is winning the Inked Magazine Inked Cover Girl Competition so important to Hellz ?
Winning would not only help fund another year of creating music, music videos and promotion of the music you all love from Hellz. It would also be a huge step into an amazing magazine that would Help Hellz Abyss launch into the stratosphere as a known name in Hard Rock globally. I also plan to donate $5000 of the prize money to the MusiCares foundation, helping other musicians is important to me.
By combining my love of music, ink and self photography I have found a competition that I may just have a chance of winning. For the ladies I want to help you all to aim high and achieve things you thought were not possible because each and everyone of you is unuiqe and beautiful. Screw doubt!
Please throw a vote my way each day and help me achieve this massive goal and opportunity.
Rock on!
Lisa Perry


Hellz first release of 2021 'Salute'

"The female of the species is more deadly than the male. The very last thing you want to do is get on the wrong side of Hellz as she proves this maxim, tearing your heart out with her bare hands whilst smiling with a warmth that could outshine a thousand suns.With her usual glorious mix of heaviness and unique vocals that are some of the best in rock, Hellz leads the way."
-Paul Monkhouse for MPM

Youtube official premier on January 9th.

New year newer, bigger, badass music from Hellz .
The Australian Queen of rock Hellz is starting 2021 off with the January 9th release of her new hard rock anthem 'Salute'. Salute written by Lisa Perry and produced by the phenomenal Daryl Abyss from 'The Abyss', is the first of a new collaborative project between Hellz and the Abyss that will roll out some amazing rock anthems in 2021. 

Salute is an official one finger salute to life's darkest demon's. The narcissists, (Gaslighters), the mind manipulators.

Written by Lisa Perry lead singer of Hellz on a plane ride back from the USA to Sydney in 2019 after a whirlwind of a journey that left some bitter memories in her mind. Lisa Perry states "bad experiences always create great songs, so for that I thank the asshole that 'Salute' is about". "I think everyone needs to give the old 1 finger Salute to that someone special in their life." Mental abuse in any way, shape or form is never ok. 
Salute the official video hits the Hellz Facebook page on January 9th 2021 followed by the release in all music stores globally on the 15th of January 2021. Hellz will be touring internationally in 2021 with Global Unity Tours on the International Women Of Rock Unity tour. 

For more information about Hellz please go to: 

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