Reaper's Underground Interviews Grave Next Door ! Wednesday January 25 2023, 3:12 PM
 Reaper's Underground Interviews Grave Next Door !

 Reaper's Underground Interviews Grave Next Door ! Check it out below!

 Release Date: Feb 3, 2023

FFO: Weedeater, Melvins, Kyuss

Location: Grand Rapids Michigan 

Short Bio: Shaped by decades of persistence in the face of adversity, Michigan stoner metal outfit Grave Next Door is poised to take on the national underground music scene. Formed by brothers Patrick (drums) and Anthony Salerno (guitar/vocals), and with Brendan Reeder on bass! Originally released March 18, 2022, the band is re-releasing their debut album Sanctified Heathen on Feb 3rd 2023 via Black Doomba Records. It will be available on all formats!  Pre-Sale/Pre-Order starts Friday Jan 6th here at this link:

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