Paranorm - Empyrean - Redefining Darkness Records 26 February 2021 Tuesday January 12 2021, 8:48 PM
Paranorm - Empyrean - Redefining Darkness Records 26 February 2021

Formed in 2007, Paranorm is a progressive thrash/black/death metal band based in Uppsala, Sweden. In 2011, Paranorm went into the studio with producer Nino Vukovic and released their first EP, titled 'Pandemonium's Rise'. After promoting the record on various stages in Sweden, the band started work on a follow-up recording. The next release, a four-track EP titled 'The Edge of Existence', produced once again by Vukovic, was released in 2014.

With a line-up change in 2018, Paranorm recruited powerhouse drummer Samuel Karlstrand of Wretched Fate. Meanwhile, work was ongoing for their most ambitious project to date: a full-length album titled 'Empyrean'. This time around, Paranorm sought out the talents of producer Lars Hultman, and the album was recorded between 2019-2020. Redefining Darkness is proud to unleash the band's most accomplished work to date this Feb, 2021!

For fans of: Vektor, Kreator, Voivod, and 'Reinkaos-era' Dissection

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