OXBLOOD FORGE Streaming Forthcoming Album Decimator Monday June 14 2021, 8:15 PM
OXBLOOD FORGE Streaming Forthcoming Album Decimator

Boston (MA) - Doom-anchored Heavy Metal quartet OXBLOOD FORGE have partnered with NWOTHM-Full Albums for the premiere of forthcoming album Decimator. Get your fix at:

OXBLOOD FORGE will release third full-length album Decimator on June 18! Pre-order at oxbloodforge.bandcamp.com/album/decimator

"An enjoyable album that is metal to its core. Slip this onto a NWOBHM compilation and not even Lars Ulrich could tell you it was from 2021."
- Metal Digest

"A well produced album which moves the dust and which will appeal to Power Metal lovers, as much as to fans of Doom. Think Candlemass partying quite painfully or Judas Priest without the strident elements."
- Metal Alliance

"While the main audience for this album will be among those who are already into retro heavy metal and power metal, there’s enough skill here to lure in some fresh ears as well."
- Metal Blast

Though in existence for a mere five years, OXBLOOD FORGE has proven both prolific and creative in developing a sound on its own terms. Doom metal has been, and continues to be, a significant part of the band's sound, but heavy metal is the unifying element. On Decimator, the band's metal roots are on full display. Big hooks and heavy riffing built on a robust metal foundation is what OXBLOOD FORGE brings to the table in 2021 with Decimator.

Track Listing:

1. Into The Abyss
2. Decimator
3. Forged In Fire
4. Spirit Of Vengeance
5. Mortal Salience
6. Until the Gods Return (Hunt You Down)
7. Screams From Silence
8. Sorceress [Angel Witch cover]
9. Ironbound

Album Credits:

Recorded 2020 @ Red Devil Studios by Joel Hopkins
Mixed by Cory Paza @ All Step Studios
Mastered by Tom Waltz @ Waltz Mastering
Cover illustration by Brad Fraunfelter / BF Illustration
Photography by Evil Robb Photography
All songs written by Oxblood Forge except “Sorceress By Kevin Heybourne Copyright EMI Music Publishing Ltd originally by Angel Witch



Ken Mackay - Vocals
Erik Fraunfelter - Drums, Keyboards
Robb Lioy - Guitar
Greg Dellaria - Bass


OXBLOOD FORGE started in 2016 with the idea of playing heavy music their way, and not following the trends. Their first release, 2016’s self-titled EP, dabbled in everything from 70's rock to the Melvins, putting out many fan favorite songs. While their second full length, 2018’s Death Dealer’s Lament presented a more unified heavier sound. Its dark and brooding riffs provided a more doom direction, but still heavily focused on hooks and songwriting.

During this time, OXBLOOD FORGE played in front of audiences all over New England, opening for national acts such as Unearthly Trance, Conan and Mothership. They were also invited to play Doom Over Toronto II festival, in addition to the first annual New England Stoner Doom Festival.

OXBLOOD FORGE shifted gears stylistically with their split with Mourn The Light, embracing the metal of their youth, while keeping to their doom roots.




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