Scott Eames Talks BC Rich and Joining Thy Antichrist On The Zach Moonshine Show Saturday September 30 2017, 8:28 PM
Scott Eames Talks BC Rich and Joining Thy Antichrist On The Zach Moonshine Show

NEVALRA started in 2013 originally as multi-instrumentalist Scott Eames' project. As things progressed, NEVALRA grew from a one man band to a full lineup; thus bringing NEVALRA out of the Studio and to the Stage. In late 2013 the band released their debut single "VRIL" followed by a series of promotional singles entitled "Terror Throne" (via Lyric Video), "Descend & Die" (via Music Video) & the acclaimed "Groom Lake" (via Lyric Video). All singles were contributions to the EP release "The Black Flame"; which was included at #6 on the TOP Metal Albums of 2015 among the likes of Lamb of God, the Black Dahlia Murder, August Burns Red, Abigail Williams & others. NEVALRA has been tackling a relentless Tour schedule ever since and is out to conquer even more territory with Tours set for both inside and outside the USA.

NEVALRA is currently Endorsed by B.C. Rich Guitars, Randall Amps, EMG Pickups & Spectraflex Cables; home of the Scott Eames Signature Series "TERROR-Flex" Guitar Cables. NEVALRA is hard at work on their upcoming full-length Major Label debut.

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“Now I know what all the NEVALRA fuss has been about, as it appears their ascension to the black metal throne is imminent” -

Scott has begun work on a Solo Project between Tours & Studio Sessions. The direction is less "metal" in orientation; with more of a Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen instrumental feel. Surprises await within this project. Expect the unexpected...

Scott recently joined up with Thy Antichrist for the upcoming tour!

THY ANTICHRIST rises in august 1998 in Medellin, Colombia - South America, based upon the Friederich Nietszche book "The Antichrist". Andres Vargas (Antichrist 666) is the founder member and lead singer frontman, musical director, manager and lyrics composer.

Andres 'Antichrist 666' has created a unique performance into the Black Metal genre with a sui generis corpse paint which is the trademark of the band. This kind of performance is recognized in the underground around the world.

Thy Antichrist relocated to Dallas, Texas - USA in 2011 and active since 1998.

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