Vile Cynic - Agony - Reviewed By Metal Temple! Sunday December 27 2020, 10:40 AM
Vile Cynic - Agony - Reviewed By Metal Temple!

Vile Cynic - Agony - Reviewed By Metal Temple ! Check it out here at this link:

From Chicago, Illinois a new metal band that combines the aggressions of Thrash metal and the macabre of Death Metal, and on  August 1st, 2020 VILE CYNIC released a four track E.P. entitled "Agony" following the band’s initial June 3rd, 2019 release of a four track E.P. entitled “Sovereigns of Death”.

“Tools of the Tormentor” - the initial album track begins with Angelo Hakey utilizing a yell as an eighth note (pick-up note) before the band is heard immediately in progress of a perfect thrash upheaval. “On th’ other side up rose” Jake Banjeglav “in act more graceful and humane; a fairer sprit lost not Heav’n (Paradise Lost / II /  111/ John Milton)” whose guitar solo begins at one minute fifty-five seconds, and is beautifully mellifluous with a haunting allure - enduring about twenty seconds;  before completion, Jake Meditz & A.J. Miller combine the rhythm and bass together in a sound of which I cannot hear enough:  they’ve been utilizing this sonority at various points throughout the song–but here it resounds in pure & perfect uninterrupted hate. It is wrong of me to abstain from accrediting Tim Titus - who jumped into this release feet first.  Without his ability & style, the band wouldn’t & could’t create this musical perfection.  After an initial hearing of this, listen once again as the guitar solo finishes; if you don’t break the first two objects you see, I’ll curtsy you.

“Blood Eagle” is the second album track. he thrash-brutality of the dual Jake Meditz & Jake Banjeglav guitar sounds propelled by Tim Titus & A.J. Miller are the non-pareil of metal. The immensely of the rhythm sound and feel as the band moves to the II Chord (second fret - F#) but then accents via the up beat on the Chromatic F encourages the listeners to kick (hopefully the air - but if you must break something, I won’t tattle).   At about two minutes twenty five seconds–the guitar and bass again combine into a furious sound–while the drums (fist just before your face–but Tim Titus will not hit you; rather, he kicks your __ with his feet). After Jake Banjeglav  completes more of his magical allure, the key moves back to the II Chord again as the listener’s fists clench through the upbeat chromatic accents.

As I reach the third album track, “Hell Priest”,  I find myself in love: “high heels over head if you know what I mean”;  like the music of J.S. BACH–that is inclusive of the best that others do, yet VILE CYNIC does it better. They remove the pretensions of unnecessary speed yet add the viciousness and ferocity of death metal. The allure of Jake Banjeglav’s melodious leads is both innovative & enthralling.  Tim Titus drives us to the song end with a death rolling groove.

“An End to Agony” - the fourth & final track has a seethingly heavy riff centered upon A.J. Miller’s bass.  The rhythm guitar doubles it as it pounds along the pedal route - that roll with a chromatic pull-off at the octave.   The bass-drum fills of Tim Titus are speedy, groovin’, & quick. At thirty five seconds- the entire band sustains two beat rest - which finds home at the slower tempo of the song’s motivic head.   The bass together with the rhythm guitar resume that vicious,  furious–even sinister sound before     At four minutes ten seconds, Jake Banjeglav’s singing leads are accompanied with drum and bass to the song end–shortly prior to which sporadic rhythm guitar accompanies the remaining session.

VILE CYNIC has something to play; and when you hear them, you’re sure to not only listen but react. Again I hope to see other viewers tune in to the December 27th 2020 premiere of Blood Moon’s Lyric Video.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

For fans of: The Absence, Skeletonwitch, Iron Maiden, Vital Remains

Chicago-based Vile Cynic have recently released their latest EP, Agony. With lyrical themes centred around suffering, torture, and the band’s personal experiences with suicide, this latest EP provides a powerful and deeply resonating message with a ferocious and relentless thrash/death assault.

Stream the full EP here:

Vile Cynic, emerging metal band based out of Chicago. Their dynamic blend of death and thrash metal was inspired by bands such as Pantera, Iron Maiden, Dissection, Vital Remains, Lamb of God and Behemoth. The combination of aggressive vocals, harmonic riffs, heavy bass, and powerful drums merge to form their savage sound.

Watch the video here!


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