Out This Friday, Oct 26th - Test Your Metal Records - Album Promo - Sci-Fi Extreme Metal - RAPHEUMETS WELL - "The Elder's Anthology" Tuesday October 23 2018, 8:08 PM
Out This Friday, Oct 26th - Test Your Metal Records - Album Promo - Sci-Fi Extreme Metal - RAPHEUMETS WELL - "The Elder's Anthology"

“Hickory, NC’s Rapheumets Well(pronounced Ra-few-mets) is a band heavily steeped in science fiction and fantasy. And when I say heavily, I mean HEAVILY. They slam dunk their lushly orchestral and luxurious symphonic melodic blackened death metal into a fantastical and fantastically creative and complex world that I don’t even want to embarrass myself trying to explain. But, you gotta give mad ol’ props to any band willing to dive head first into something as elaborately conceptual as this costumed and inventive septet have from the off.” – Decibel Magazine

“if you like the theatrical havoc generated by Fleshgod Apocalypse and Dimmu Borgir, for example, you’ll fall in love for the music found in The Exile, the brand new concept album by the symphonic horde known as Rapheumets Well. ” – The Headbanging Moose

“As you’re about to find out, this first song from the new album combines turbocharged death metal vehemence with sweeping orchestral melodies, interweaving blazing drumwork and rapid-fire riffing with cosmic synthesizer vistas and fluid soloing, vicious growls and hair-raising shrieks with a vaulting clean-sung passage that coincides with the protagonist’s decision to end his apathy.” – No Clean Singing

“The Exile brings symphonic elements to more intense and sometimes speedy death metal. Solid bursts of adrenaline, with the symphonies effectively working to provide a balance to these heavier moments, as heard in “The Epic of Darmak.” But the band is more than a one-trick pony, and frequently gives way to other flights of fancy while keeping the death metal sharp…an album that is well-written and enjoyable from start to finish. The potential is there for the band to really spread their wings for album number three.” – Dead Rhetoric

“The Exile is one hell of an intense and adventurous ride, and one that must be experienced if you dig on metal that is several steps to the left of centre.” – The Metal Forge

“Rapheumet’s Well waste no time in getting things going with opening track Ressurecting The Blood Gate, which sets the scene with an acoustic and stripped-back line before swiftly progressing into a heavier and fuller sound, complete with an absolutely stunning symphonic section, and when the vocals kick in, they hit you like a tonne of bricks. There’s so much body and power behind their delivery, and they subsequently leave a real impression on you.” – Soundscpae Magazine

“Interspersing lush orchestral bits into some brutally heavy yet beautifully melodic music, this band has managed to create one of my absolute favorite albums of the year so far.” – Get Ready To Rock!

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