You axed for it. by The Soggy Bog of Doom Friday September 29 2017, 11:34 AM
You axed for it. by The Soggy Bog of Doom

Theres a ton of new music on this weeks show including Pagan Altar, Cardinals Folly, Paradise Lost, Black Mare, Forgotten Tomb and a lot more! Hope you guys enjoy the show despite me talking too much.
All background music is Dan Terminus.
Look for his new lp coming out on Blood music!

The latest Soggy Bog of Doom is up. You axed for it.
Revel in Flesh by Entombed
No Passage for the Dead by Paradise Lost
Let them Starve by Serpent Venom
Passing the Watchtower by Church of Void
Deranged Pagan Sons by Cardinals Folly
Vagrant God by Funeral
the Room of Shadows by Pagan Altar
Midnight Mess by Mary Bell
II//I by Childwife
Destierro by Ground
The Culling by Chelsea Wolfe
Ingress to Form by Black Mare
Funeral by Myrkur
Second Chances by Forgotten Tomb
Diamant Noir by Monarch!
Sorcerers Gaze by I, Klautus
Empty Urns by 夢遊病者 (Sleepwalker)
I by Crushing the Scepter
Seaweed by Altar
Черное веретено by ИЛ (IL)
Basilisk//Basilica by Drouth
The Legend of Zelda by Master Boot Record

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