Finland's CORONARY Releasing Full-Length Debut 'Sinbad' on Cruz Del Sur Music in February Wednesday December 23 2020, 1:36 AM
Finland's CORONARY Releasing Full-Length Debut 'Sinbad' on Cruz Del Sur Music in February

Tampere (FI) - Cruz Del Sur Music is proud to announce the February 19, 2021 release of Sinbad, the debut full-length album from Finnish Classic Metal squad CORONARY. On Sinbad, CORONARY assumes the mantle as one of their country’s finest representations of pure, 1980s heavy metal that goes in for the kill! 

 “CORONARY refuse to reinvent the heavy metal wheel.” This quote — attributed to Metal Crypt — appropriately sums up everything this Finnish quintet stands for. While there are still some who balk at the idea that metal should have both of its feet firmly planted in its glory years, there is a growing consensus that this was the time when metal was at its best. Without all of the mindless, if not grating sub-genre tags that exist today, 1980s heavy metal was pure, raging, and, most of all, fun. CORONARY recaptures those elements and more on their first full-length album and initial release for Cruz Del Sur Music, Sinbad. 

CORONARY came together in 2017 when guitarist Aku Kytölä and drummer Pate Vuorio happened to be browsing in the same second-hand vinyl section at a Tampere flea market. The two instantly struck up a connection over their shared love of music and over time, started making plans to form a band of their own. The band was soon rounded out by Korpiklaani bassist Jarkko Aaltonen, second guitarist Jukka Holm and vocalist Olli Kärki, and got to work on writing original material. The freshly-branded CORONARY promptly issued  Demo 2018 , an effort so promising that Gates of Hell Records paired the band with emerging Canada metallers Traveler for a highly-regarded split release the same year. 

Recorded at Headline Studio in Tampere under the guidance of producer and engineer Jari Latomaa, Sinbad picks up where CORONARY left off their debut demo. Fans were treated to a handful of sneak previews earlier in 2020 with songs such as “I Can Feel This Love,” “The Hammer” and “Reflector,” but taken as a whole, Sinbad is a consummate pure metal album complete with an array of scorching guitar leads, fiery lead vocals courtesy of Kärki and memorable compositions. The Sinbad album title is a reference to Sinbad the Sailor, the fictional traveler and his amazing journeys. But, look further and it’s also an amalgamation of the words “sin” and “bad,” both of which, in CORONARY’s estimation, are “perfectly suitable life goals.” 

Raise your fist and bang your head — the golden age of metal lives on through CORONARY!  

Track Listing:

1. Sinbad

2. Firewings

3. The Hammer

4. Bullet Train

5. I Can Feel This Love

6. Reflector

7. Burnout

8. Fight St. 666

9. Mestengo

10. Wonders of the World


Olli Kärki - Vocals

Aku Kytölä - Guitars

Jarkko Aaltonen - Bass

Jukka Holm - Guitars

Pate Vuorio - Drums

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