COREY TAYLOR Reacts To People Who Call SLIPKNOT ‘Nu Metal’ Sunday March 17 2019, 10:21 PM
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COREY TAYLOR Reacts To People Who Call SLIPKNOT ‘Nu Metal’

SLIPKNOT frontman Corey Taylor , recently had an argument with the fans who claimed that SLIPKNOT is some kind of ‘nu-metal’ band.

A fan named Horror posted :

Trap Metal”  – Eh, Not Sure how i feel about that title,  kinda cringhy  but i get it, kinda. But we gonna keep it grimey, punk, scummy & vile.”

To which Taylor responded:

“Beware of labels, my friends. People still call us ‘nu metal’. Just ignore that sh*t and do what you do. You’re as punk and grime y as  they GET!!!”

A fan named Joel Benavente tweeted :

“Yeah, you do have a DJ ,  so kinda makes you nu metal. Did you forget about SiD WiLSoN? Number zero your band mate?!?”

Taylor responded :

“That’s your only reason we’re nu metal? So… Portishead is nu metal? Sugar Ray is nu metal? Grow a f*cking clue– I’m not in the mood today. Also: A LOT OF NU METAL BANDS HAVE NO DJ.”

Joel tweeted again:

“Portishead is trip hop and one of the founders of that genre. And Sugar Ray is a rock band but they don’t play metal music. They would technically just be pop music that happens to be a rock band like imagine dragons. You guys play metal but not traditional. Hint nu metal.”

Corey responded :

“I think you’re a person more concerned with genres than music. You do you- I’ll be over here being right.”

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