Producer Ricky Franco announces contest winning band! Monday December 21 2020, 5:09 PM
Producer Ricky Franco announces contest winning band!

The great band competition held between the months of October and December, organized by the renowned music producer RICKY FRANCO , finally came to an end after many registrations and with the presence of the most varied musical styles! Excellent national bands have proven that our music does not lose at all to the great international names. In the final stage, only five bands were selected by Rick and put to public vote on his facebook page.

All the finalists were winners, but as the contest only gave the prize to one, the big winner - and most voted by the public - was the São Paulo Pop Rock band SEVEN CHAKRAS !

Recently formed in 2020 by musicians Leny do Bonfim (vocals), Ritch Ray (guitar) and Vinie Valeiro (guitar), all former members of the band Red Eye, with Fê Cardoso (bass) and Narezzi (drums), the main influences of Seven Chakras range from 90's Rock, Hard Rock and Brazilian music without prejudice, all added to striking guitar riffs, melodious vocals and a poetic theme in Portuguese, creating an original and unlabeled sound.

Check out the video for "Oceano Horizonte" at:

Sete Chakras will win as a prize a complete production of a single (recording, production, mixing, mastering) by the hands of Ricky Franco , that is, a result with guaranteed satisfaction!

"The band Sete Chakras stood out before all of them, but the real winners are us, listeners and connoisseurs of good music, who were able to meet these incredible new artists / bands of extreme quality! This was just the first contest that I held and I hope others more come around. Stay tuned! For all the other participants, you can always count on me on your journey, because you have plenty of talent and quality! made a difference! " commented Rick Franco (producer)

Know a little about the producer RICKY FRANCO:

Since 2004, when Ricky Franco recorded the first EP of his band HEVIL , he felt like acting with recording / production, but only in 2008 he joined IAV (Institute of Audio and Video) , in São Paulo / SP. At the beginning of the course, he got an internship at Flautin 55 (Studio and Record Label) , by the great musician Ney Marques . There, he started editing songs for the Latin Grammy winning sound engineer, Cláudio Abuchaim . After that, he became studio assistant to sound engineer Rodrigo “Funai” Costa , who has worked with MPB singer Elza Soares and this year (2020) participated as an engineer in three works nominated for the same award. Ricky can say that he was privileged to start learning from the best professionals in the business. After a while, he started making several recordings until, in 2009, he left Flautin 55 in search of new opportunities, but without having previously worked with big names, such as Fábio Jr , Maestro João Carlos Martins , Rodrigo Vellozo , Guto and Nando , among others. He set up a Home Studio together with my friend Michel Villares , the M&H Studio , which today is a great reference in terms of Brazilian Rock / Metal and, also, reaching high levels abroad. From 2009 to 2011, Ricky and Michel Villares worked with great diligence, dedication and willingness. Ricky specializes in audio editing and programming of virtual instruments, especially the drums. From 2012 to 2014, he focused on working on live shows, and his partner Michel remained focused on the studio part. He worked with giants of national and international music, such as Ed Motta , Glória , Never Shout Never (USA), Picture (Netherlands), Close Your Eyes (USA), Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal (ex-Guns N 'Roses, current Sons Of Apollo), among others. In 2015, another turn in the life of Ricky Franco. He decided to take a break from music and started studying Mathematics, another passion he had! In early 2020, he returned to work with music and was the co-producer of the APOKRISIS debut album, “Misanthropy”, participated in some “collabs” videos, was co-producer / Art Director of the video clip “Hard To Breathe”, by the band X-EMPIRE - where he is also currently producing his new single, and with all this he is in the process of producing HEVIL material and also assisting in the editing of songs by the band DEATH CONSPIRACY . Even in a year full of questions due to the coronavirus pandemic, he inaugurated his own Home Studio, located in the region of Avenida Paulista, São Paulo / SP, to be able to meet bands beginning and / or with a more limited budget, to produce their art smoothly and with high quality!

Services provided:

Music production in other studios:
Many recording studios are literally just that, they do not have a producer prepared or qualified to carry out a professional job. Ricky Franco goes to where the band / artist is and puts into practice all his experience as a producer, making the band reach their goals.

Recording, editing, mixing and mastering:
According to the needs of the customers, Ricky can do a complete production both in other studios, as well as in his own Home Studio.

Video clip:
Complete video production, with creation of scripts, recordings, editions and post-productions of simple web clips, lyric videos and large productions (in partnership with M&H Studio).

Professional photo shoot for any occasion (in partnership with M&H Studio).

Graphic Art and Web Design:
Creation of logos and all kinds of graphic arts for social networks and websites.

Consulting for musicians and studios in terms of acoustics, better equipment, better forms of equalization and use of equipment, signal chain, space design, assembly and maintenance.



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