LIVLØST - Symphony Of Flies - Reviewed By Metal Digest! Monday January 10 2022, 8:19 AM
LIVLØST - Symphony Of Flies - Reviewed By Metal Digest!

LIVLØST - Symphony Of Flies - Reviewed By Metal Digest ! Check it out here at this link:

They come from the land of the ice and snow with the midnight sun and the churches glow… with fire! Arson aside, there isn’t a country in the world that does black metal better than Norway, it is held within their Rus blood. One band who have been delivering a constant stream of work since their recent creation is Livløst who have delivered their third album in three years with ‘Symphony of Flies’.

                Anyone who’s seen a fresh dog shit in the summer will know what a symphony of flies sounds like as the flies descend quicker than a dog that has spied a scrap of food falling from the table. Now, with ‘Symphony of Flies’, Livløst have taken the buzzing of the bluebottle orchestra and turned it into a wall of noise that assaults the sense in true (trve?) black metal fashion as tracks such as ‘Angelperfume’, ‘Red’ and the title track remind of us of what it was like to hear Trelldom, Ragnarok and Ild for the first time. But Livløst have something hidden up their sleeve, this isn’t just a sledgehammer attack of noise, ‘Symphony of Flies’ trades this off against some wonderful ambient passages that have all the appeal of Burzum and Nordgeist that make for a peaceful moment before the avalanche returns.

                ‘Symphony of Flies’ is a decent album of classic sounding black metal; it may be Livløst’s third album in three years, but that hasn’t stopped the creative process, the band are on a roll and they’ve got no reason to stop now. - Metal Digest

Release Date: September 17th, 2021 


Location: Norway 

"Symphony of Flies" is the third Livløst's album, the two Norwegians are playing an uncompromising, grimly dissonant and bewitched black metal with definitively sinister atmospheres. Often difficult, frequently nightmarish, this stuff easily ranks as one of Nordic lands' more challenging and oblique offerings. And for us, one of his most fascinating. With a mix of various Norse black metal traditions, atmospheric and mid-tempo practices, and a radical approach to traditional notions of extreme music in its truest sense, ‘Symphony of Flies’ is undoubtedly highly demanding of the listener. ...a dreamlike descent into the realm of death.

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