Pulchra Morte - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show Saturday December 12 2020, 2:32 PM
Pulchra Morte - Featured Interview & The Zach Moonshine Show

Pulchra Morte joins us on the show to talk about the new record 'Ex Rosa Ceremonia', the bands influences, recording/live rigs, the bands origins, and stories from the road. We also talk about working with Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Halford, Sepultura) at Maor Appelbaum Mastering, and guest appearances from Jay Fernandez (Brutality), Heather Dykstra, 1349, Immolation, Exhumed, Black Tusk, Mondo Generator, and more! This episode features new music from Pulchra Morte, SACROCURSE (mex), WAYWARD DAWN, Briton Rites, ARDDUC, Writhing (Australia), Asgardsrei, ELEPHANT TREE, Baxaxaxa, Bloodkill, Cyrax, Sur Austru, DUNGEON WEED, State Of Mind, Cardinal Wyrm, Valravn (Finland), Wolfstar, Crawl Below, Dread Sovereign, Blind Witness, NOMINON, MEPHISTOFELES (arg), Mortiferum, Hermit's Maze, Hypnos, In The Company Of Serpents, Lykantropi, Malsten, classics from Gina And The Eastern Block, Warbringer, Alice in Chains, Jason Aaron Wood, Type O Negative, In Solitude, Iommi, Morbid Angel

Track List:

1 - Herethical Catharists/Man Became Cursed/Temple Is Open - SACROCURSE (mex)
2 - The Zach Moonshine Intro
3 - Further Down The Nest - WAYWARD DAWN
4 - The Masque Of Satan - Briton Rites
5 - Raise Your Brew - ARDDUC
6 - Void Of Derision - Writhing (Australia)
7 - Night of the Succubus - Asgardsrei
8 - In Suffering (Live) - ELEPHANT TREE
9 - Devoted to HIM - Baxaxaxa
10 - Pulchra Morte Interview Featuring The Serpents Choir/Fires Of Coil/Knife Of The Will
11 - Horrorscope - Bloodkill
12 - Global Warming - Cyrax
13 - Cel din Urma - Sur Austru
14 - Sippin' On A Forty - Gina And The Eastern Block
15 - Remain Violent - Warbringer
16 - Orcus Immortalis/Vox Mysterium - DUNGEON WEED
17 - It Ain’t Like That/Junkhead/Black Gives Way To Blue - Alice in Chains
18 - Doubt - Jason Aaron Wood
19 - Wolf Moon (Including Zoanthropic Paranoia) - Type O Negative
20 - To Her Darkness - In Solitude
21 - Into The Night - Featuring Billy Idol - Iommi
22 - Chapel Of Ghouls - Morbid Angel
23 - Bloodlust - State Of Mind
24 - Imposter - Cardinal Wyrm
25 - Throne of Blood - Valravn (Finland)
26 - Charge to War - Wolfstar
27 - Kingdom Of The Ruined - Crawl Below
28 - She Wolves of the Savage Season - Dread Sovereign
29 - Force Fed - Blind Witness
30 - Burnt Human Offering 2011 - NOMINON
32 - Abhorrent Genesis - Mortiferum
33 - Where Dystopia Lies - Hermit's Maze
35 - Lightchild - In The Company Of Serpents
36 - Life on Hold - Lykantropi
37 - Grinder - Malsten

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Death/doom unit PULCHRA MORTE will release their long-anticipated second full-length, Ex Rosa Ceremonia, November 6th via Transcending Records.
With drums recorded to tape in the analog environment of Earth Analog Studios, and guitars, bass, vocals, and cellos captured at New Constellation RPM, the nine-track offering carries on where the band’s Divina Autem Et Aniles debut left off conjuring often alarmingly weighty psalms focused on atmosphere, feeling, and flow.
However, where Divina Autem Et Aniles explored the many facets of death, with Ex Rosa Ceremonia the PULCHRA MORTE collective sought to “pull the veil back a bit and expose more of our collective path and intention,” further elaborating, “Ex Rosa Ceremonia conceptually refers to a need for a mental and spiritual renaissance. Looking back throughout history, there have been movements that inspired and created many metaphysical systems and philosophies that, upon deeper inspection, led us forward as a species in many ways, though hidden behind the curtain of magical order and secret society. As the near-sighted corral the blind and the masses happily stab their third eye with a constant diet of blue light among other things, we have arrived at a time that begs deeply for the need of an expanded consciousness. We see masses being led by the governing of robotic suggestions to align with your enemy based on alarmist response-seeking propaganda. A world of experts lacking substance, clamoring for the dopamine endorphin-guzzling pastime that becomes a virtual existence for many. Words like ‘influencer’ and ‘trending’ that are spoken instead of vomited, as they should be. The suggestion to ‘get in line’ or be destroyed through character assassination. The record speaks of the power of unity when like minds join, the strength of a creature like us with nothing to lose when tenacity is put to the test with no alternative conceivable. People have become willingly blind to the power of the human mind when it is quieted and directed, when the bulb of the strobe light effect of media blitz hypnosis is smashed. The power of focus and purpose. And the rose of ceremony.”
Ex Rosa Ceremonia was produced, engineered, and mixed by the band’s own Jarrett Pritchard at New Constellation, mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Faith No More, Halford, Sepultura) at Maor Appelbaum Mastering, and features cover art by Brian Sheehan, a guest lead from Jay Fernandez (Brutality), guest vocals from Heather Dykstra, and backing vocals provided by dozens of contributors including members of 1349, Immolation, Exhumed, Black Tusk, Mondo Generator, and more (see the full listing below).
PULCHRA MORTE’s Ex Rosa Ceremonia will be released on CD, limited LP, and digitally. For physical preorders in North America, go to THIS LOCATION and for Europe go HERE. For digital preorders, go to THIS LOCATION where the record’s closing title track can be streamed.
PULCHRA MORTE (ˈpul.kʰra / ˈmɔr.te) - comprised of Adam Clemans (Skeletonwitch, Wolvhammer), John Porada (Wolvhammer, Abigail Williams), Jarrett Pritchard (Eulogy, Brutality), Clayton Gore (Eulogy, Harkonin), and Jeffrey Breden (Leagues Below) - began in 2017 with the intent to recapture the purpose of greats from the late-‘80s through early-‘90s doom-laden death metal scene, a point where feeling superseded technicality.
By 2019, the band released their debut full-length Divina Autem Et Aniles. The record reaped critical to accolades both Stateside and abroad. Decibel Magazine wrote, “With Pritchard behind the knobs… the record’s in capable hands to conjure the somber serenades of early Anathema. But with PULCHRA MORTE, Pritchard takes melodic death-doom oddities like Visceral Evisceration’s Incessant Desire For Palatable Flesh or Pyogenesis’ Ignis Creato and polishes their rough casket wood.” Brutalism hailed the band’s, “Brilliant riffs, beautiful melodies, and haunting atmosphere.” Grizzly Butts gushed, “I did not merely collapse under its striking invocations of sorrow or the plodding, romanesque strings of melodic lead that highlight each track, PULCHRA MORTE’s sourly dire debut pressed life’s most troubling concerns as a rifle against my temples.” New Noise Magazine noted, “Everything on this record comes forward with an air of strength and authority….” Added Grimm Gent, “PULCHRA MORTE combines the models from the ‘90s doom metal and displays them with strong elements of early Paradise Lost Gothic-era and God Macabre's debut.”
The band played various shows throughout the US in support of Divina Autem Et Aniles, including the Full Terror Assault Open Air V festival, as well as several sold-out shows in support 1349’s North American tour with Uada and Cloak before entering the studio in September of that year to record their next chapter: Ex Rosa Ceremonia.
Adam Clemans – vocals
John Porada – bass, backing vocals
Jeffrey Breden – guitars
Jarrett Pritchard – guitars
Clayton Gore – drums
The Serpent’s Choir:
Jim Adolphson (Noose Rot), Archaon (1349), Jason Avery (Eulogy,Monstrosity), Corey Barhorst (Black Tusk), Dylan Barnes-Trout, Caleb Bergen (Sleepwalkers), Jason Blackerby, Chase Brown, Mike Browning (Nocturnus AD), Maria Burheim, Noah Cabitto (Affasia), Matt Castro, Mike Connors, Blaine Cook (The Accüsed), Vanessa Cordoba (Insatanity), Josh Crouse (Lecherous Nocturne), Ross Dolan (Immolation), Kim Dylla (Gwar), Charles Elliott (Abysmal Dawn), Diane Farris, Damiano Fedeli (Nihilo), Andrew Gerrity (Wolvhammer), Matt Harvey (Exhumed), Dan Horton, Ryan Huff, John Jarvis (Scour), Øyvind Kaslegard (Svart Lotus), Espi Kvlt (Seas Of Winter), Bruce Lamont (Yakuza), Jared Louche (Chemlab), Chris Lytle (Insatanity), Sage MacDonald, Scott MacDonald, Danielle Masek, Matt McClelland (Yakuza), Rob Miller (Tau Cross), Karen Milligan, Sean Milligan, Erika Morgengrau (Morgengrau), Jamey Morris, Nick Oliveri (Mondo Generator), Ravn (1349), Billy C. Robinson (Cloak), Blood Slaughter, Tor Stavenes (Svart Lotus/1349), Jake Superchi (Uada), Eric Syre (Thesyre), Jeff Tandy (Trenchant), Scott Taysom (Cloak), Oliver Thiel, Kyle Thomas (Exhorder), Mike Thompson (Withered), Terry Thornton (Last Transgression), Tim Van Velthuysen, Rob Verret, Kevin Warhaft, Matt Wilson
“…breath-taking death-doom to move even the most callus hearts…” — Decibel Magazine
“…another very promising taste of this album, thick and heavy and with a perfect balance between melody and aggression, and PULCHRA MORTE really nailed it on assembling that choir.” – BrooklynVegan on “The Serpent’s Choir”
“…the title track roars, broods, slithers and grinds about its cemeterial ritual. Vocalist Adam Clemens’ range really shines here, kicking between blackened abandon and aggressive death/doom apropos weight.” – Grizzly Butts on “Ex Rosa Ceremonia”
“…a colossal album… a record which captures the essence of those darker, death doom metal days.” – The Razor’s Edge Rocks
“Ex Rosa Ceremonia is a record that deserves to be given time and when you invest in the album, you will truly begin to realize how wonderful it is. It gives life to doom and really shows the vulnerabilities of an extreme form of music… with its rawness and evolving sounds PULCHRA MORTE may have created something that whilst discreet in nature may be one of the most important albums in its field.” – Rock ‘N’ Load
“‘It manages to achieve the unthinkable by bringing together the intensity of death metal, the brooding atmosphere of doomm and the savage cutting edge of black metal into a single deranged opus.” – Metal Noise on “In The Mourning Light”


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