Wrecking Ball Metal Fest Drops the Ball Just in Time for the Holidays Saturday December 12 2020, 12:39 PM
Wrecking Ball Metal Fest Drops the Ball Just in Time for the Holidays

The year may be coming to a close but the music continues to make its presence known, "We won't go quietly into the night without a fight."

Though 2020 was plagued with pandemics, riots, rigged elections, restrictions and the collapse of the modern world economy, the sound of music has weathered the storm around every turn. With being unable to perform live in most states, the rise of online streaming concert series has emerged as the next best option for both artist and fan alike.

Wrecking Ball Metal Fest is set to roll out Saturday, December 12th with the first band performing at 1pmET. The online event is being presented by Pennsylvania’s Keep it Metal Promotions, will be exclusively broadcasted by

Rock Addict Radio and hosted by radio personality, DJ REM via the station's official website https://www.rockaddictradio.com/video-stream.php and their Twitch TV channel at https://www.twitch.tv/rock_addict_radio.

"Technology has created a unique opportunity to keep the music alive," says promoter and internet DJ, Billy Loney. "We are taking what we have been given and are making the most of it...music is much too powerful to take a backseat to any set of restrictions or pandemic."

Wrecking Ball Metal Fest 2020 Bands full.jpgBands schedule to perform include:
Syteria (UK)
Strike Master (Mexico)
Corners of Sanctuary (US)
Agressor (Costa Rica)
Threatpoint (US)
The Recasts (US)
Seventh Chaos (US)
Powerless Rise (US)

Audience participants will have an opportunity to donate or "tip" the bands as links will be provided during the performance broadcast.

"The support has been great," added Loney. "As 2021 approaches we do hope to host more events like this...that is until restrictions are lifted and we can all get back to attending live shows and concert performances."

Additional sponsors for the event include Canadian PR firm, Infecting Cells, graphic designer, A Creation Productions, media firm, March Baby Media and artist interviewer, The Cosmick View.

For more information visit:
Wrecking Ball Metal Fest Facebook:www.facebook.com/WreckingBallMetalFest
Keep it Metal Promotions:
Rock Addict Radio


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