ARCHAIC THORN - Eradication IInto Endless Chaos Records Friday October 30 2020, 3:42 PM
ARCHAIC THORN - Eradication IInto Endless Chaos Records

ARCHAIC THORN - "Eradication"
Label: Into Endless Chaos Records
Release date: 14.12.2020
Formats: Vinyl & Digital
Into Endless Chaos Records proudly presents "Eradication" - the first full-length album of German horde ARCHAIC THORN, featuring seven songs of total Death Metal! A harbinger of pure violence, death and madness. Their strike against the world!
In Fall 2010 two individuals (M.F. and C.L.) with same devotion and spirit for the morbid art of metal of death joined forces. One year later drummer T.R. of the same attitude crossed their path and fit very well into this now inversed triangle, named ARCHAIC THORN. The band only follows their own visions about the sound, feeling and aesthetics of this music. They spread the words of Messorem, as life is a beautiful lie and death the painful truth. Mark these words.
"Extraterrestrial Blood" - Official Track Stream:

1. Into Endless Black Sky (6:09)
2. Thoughtless Eradication (5:47)
3. Cleansing Fire (3:25)
4. Regression (6:32)
5. Deathmarch (6:57)
6. Extraterrestrial Blood (5:55)
7. Impure Desolation (8:23)
C.L. - Guitar
T.R. - Drums
M.F. - Bass & Chants

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