Phalloplasty - 27 Club reviewed in Metallerium! Sunday September 11 2022, 8:04 PM
Phalloplasty - 27 Club reviewed in Metallerium!

Phalloplasty - 27 Club reviewed in Metallerium ! Check it out here at this link:

Fourth album of this one man band, which has as a style the brutal death metal, but more focused on gore and in itself to goregrind. 

In this new album, Zack "Plasty" Shaw, the mind and musician behind Phalloplasty, the sound is much more polished, and his voice feels more versatile where apart from his deep and disgusting gutturals, he mixes them well with pig squeals, likewise the songs are a little more extensive, still makes a fairly short and direct album, with ten songs for thirty minutes, which is fine and allows you to listen fluidly to the album. 

For this new work, death metal was given more room, without slam parts, and with a title and cover aimed at the "27 Club", putting the sarcasm ingredient with the cover where Cobain's heads appear (without a part, made by the bullet), Amy, Janis, Jim, while the collector seems to place Zack's head ... songs such as "Ventricular Collapse", "Violent Asphyxiation" and the closing with a different touch on the guitars "Death by Misadventure" stand out. 

An album that enters the common style (you can not go further in a closed and limited style), you do not miss much if you do not listen to it, if you listen to it you will have half an hour of fun goregrind. - Metallerium


Release Date: July 22, 2022

FFO: Syphilic, Putrid Pile, Abominable Putridity

Location: Las Vegas, USA

Short Bio: Phalloplasty is a one-man brutal slam from Las Vegas started in 2009. First signed to FTA Recordz with a split release. Phalloplasty then was signed to Gorehouse Productions for the first 2 full lengths, Necrophagic Funeral Ritual and Systematic Mutilation. A few years after Phalloplasty signed to CDN records to release the 3rd record Smear and now in 2022, 27 Club.

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