HUMANITY IS CANCER premiere new track at - features current & former members of ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, ABORTED, NUNSLAUGHTER Wednesday October 28 2020, 6:07 PM
HUMANITY IS CANCER premiere new track at - features current & former members of ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, ABORTED, NUNSLAUGHTER

Today, American death metal upstarts Humanity is Cancer premiere the new track "Beyond Salvation"  at heavily trafficked web-portal . The track is the third to be revealed from the band's self-titled debut EP, set for international release on November 13th via Redefining Darkness Records. Hear Humanity is Cancer's "Beyond Salvation" in its entirety exclusively  HERE .

Humanity is Cancer acts as a reflection of society. The band have never proven so relevant as they do today. With the pandemic, racial tension, social injustice, politics, the world would almost be better starting over from scratch. Imagine if we, as a society, could undergo a sort of chemotherapy that would eliminate all of the horrible aspects of humanity and cleanse... This first track is a mirror to the present and future.
The EP was written back in 2014/2015 as Thomas Haywood was just about to launch Redefining Darkness Records and Seeing Red Records, respectively. Thomas briefly left the industry after exiting Abigail Williams in 2009, and aside from dabbling in bands like Aborted, the band has been waiting for a moment like this to be released...when the world is at its worst. Rounding out the band is Thomas' long-time friend and comrade Michael Wilson (ex-Abigail Williams/Aborted) on lead guitar, Noah Buchanan (Nunslaughter/From the Hellmouth) on bass and vocals, and Lyle Cooper (ex-The Faceless/Abhorrent). 
The goal of Humanity is Cancer is simple: to create an absolute juggernaut sonically and musically. With the ability for Haywood to be able to exorcise his love of early death metal, ala Autopsy / Obituary, with his other band Grave Plague, Humanity is Cancer represents the future with blistering, unforgiving, earth-heaving death metal that was inspired by Morbid Angel, Corpsegrinder-era Cannibal Corpse, Bloodbath, Aeon, and early/mid Decapitated.
In the meantime, hear the brand-new track "Beyond Salvation" exclusively  HERE , courtesy of Also hear the previously revealed "Harlot" exclusively HERE , courtesy of, as well as the previously revealed "Cancer is Humanity (A Future of Violence & Death)" HERE at Redefining Darkness' Bandcamp, where the EP can also be preordered. Cover artwork, courtesy of Remy Cuveillier at Headsplit Design, and tracklisting are as follows:


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