Lucifer Star Machine release video for "The Void" Sunday January 26 2020, 8:21 AM
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Lucifer Star Machine release video for "The Void"

Swedish hard rock/punk band LUCIFER STAR MACHINE have released a video for their song "The Void." The track is taken from their upcoming release The Devil's Breath which will be released via The Sign Records on April 3rd.

Watch the video here:  https://www. video-premiere-lucifer-star- machine-the-void/

Band Members:

  • Tor Abyss [Throat]

  •  Mickey Necro [Guitars] 

  • Marshall Speed [Guitars] 

  • Benny Zin [Bass]

  •  Jay Impact [Drums]


1. The Void
 2. Dwell in Misery
 3. Cruel Hearts
 4. Baby, When You Cry
 5. The Night is Young
  6. Eat Dust
 7. A Touch of Death
  8. El Camino Real
  9. Pretender
 10. Evil Blood
 11. Midnight Crawler
 12. Your Love Remains
 13. Devil's Breath

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