Grimmreaper Announces Concept Album “The Tragedy of Being” And First Single “Resent” Tuesday October 20 2020, 6:24 PM
Grimmreaper Announces Concept Album “The Tragedy of Being” And First Single “Resent”

Grimmreaper  comes from the mind of Logan Grimm, formed as a result of learning that he could write music. This whole project came from watching a psychologist on YouTube, Jordan Peterson, talk about the idea of slaying dragons in your life, cleaning your room, taking responsibility, and reaching your potential. 

Peterson explained stories in the Bible and traditions of ancient cultures that shook Grimm from his cynicism on those matters, and he found the ability to express his ideas. He went from not playing the guitar to having a metal album written in about 18 months completely by himself. He explains the album in his own words:

“In the album, I make the final argument that life is suffering, but you should make the unlikely  and illogical decision to make a pact or covenant with the highest conception of good and truth.  You should treat this covenant like a relationship with a guiding force that, ultimately, is your  best bet against misery and unnecessary suffering. You could call that idea of the highest good as the universe, or truth, or the stars. I choose to call it God.”

The single  “Resent”  was the first song Grimm ever recorded in his life, it took about two years to finish. It is a nasty song, going into the resentment that can accrue in yourself from losing in life. Failing, being low on the social hierarchy, not being wanted… these things can easily and quickly bring you to the conclusion that life is not worth pursuing, and more than that, that existence itself is corrupt beyond repair. A losing game. A zero-sum catastrophe.   

Fans of Trivium, In Flames, and Meshuggah are invited to succumb to a grey world, where nihilism prevails when you hear  “Resent”  via its premiere on  TheCircle Pit  YouTube Channel  HERE .

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The full album  “The Tragedy of Being”  comes out in February 2021.

Track Listing:
1. Mind’s Mirrors Meshing Together
2. North Star
3. Prison
4. Resent
5. The Land I Will Show You
6. Catastrophe of the Tragic Melancholies
7. Road of Resistance
8. Happy Times
9. The Tragedy of Being

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Logan Grimm is an ambitious young artist seeking to take on the world, and the creator of Grimmreaper. He has developed an intense backstory for a multimedia project that explores the very human realities of tragedy and suffering, and the choices they present, from nihilism and resentment to transcendence and courage. In the process of this, he has crafted music that fuses the influences of highly technical bands like Dragonforce and Meshuggah with the work of more mainstream names such as Five Finger Death Punch and Bullet For My Valentine.

The project, which will start to see release in the early half of 2021, will center around an album entitled The Tragedy Of Being. The record explores noble and contemptible ways to respond to the conditions inherent to human consciousness. Since it is wholly a solo project, Grimm will perform on the record as each ‘band member.’ He will also represent each member in the videos released for the project, each hidden behind a black hood with a different appearance. The Tragedy Of Being will be accompanied by a documentary of the creation process featuring the twin personalities of the business-minded Logan and the poetic artist, Grimm. It will embody his sense of humor, split personas, and inspirations.

Representing himself as the embodiment of his lyrical themes, Logan Grimm has built a strong visual presence for the project. Instantly recognizable and endlessly ambitious, there are a lot of interesting twists and turns presented in the work of Grimmreaper. With a bright future painted before him featuring everything from forming a DIY label to endless touring, Logan Grimm has the ambition and the vision to match. Poised to be the next great force in metal, Grimmreaper look boldly into the future.

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