PSYCHOSOMATIC: No Clean Singing Premieres "Personality Agenda" Video; Seventh LP By California Thrash Veterans, The Invisible Prison, Out Now Through Nefarious Industries Monday October 19 2020, 7:24 PM
PSYCHOSOMATIC: No Clean Singing Premieres "Personality Agenda" Video; Seventh LP By California Thrash Veterans, The Invisible Prison, Out Now Through Nefarious Industries

See PSYCHOSOMATIC's "Personality Agenda" video  HERE .


No Clean Singing is hosting the exclusive premiere of Sacramento, California thrash veterans  PSYCHOSOMATIC 's official video for "Personality Agenda." The song hails from the band's seventh LP,  The Invisible Prison , which saw release through Nefarious Industries in August.


Unloading twelve tracks of classic California thrash metal, including a cover of Vio-lence's "Serial Killer,"  PSYCHOSOMATIC 's  The Invisible Prison  was produced, engineered, and mixed by David Sanchez (Havok) at Riffs Or Die Recordings, and  mastered by Mark Lewis (Chimaira, Trivium, The Black Dahlia Murder) at  MRL Studios. The record is completed with art by the band's founding  bassist/vocalist  Jeff Salgado, coloring by Vincent Pizarro, layout by Greg Meisenberg, and photography by Michael Alvarez.


The new video was filmed and  edited by Jesse Davis at DVC Studios. Offers Salgado, "' Personality Agenda' was written about online falsehoods and personas. A depth into the digital age of opinions without consequences.  The raw aggression of style displayed on this video is to give our listeners a view of our stage performance. "


Writes No Clean Singing, "The fury comes through loud and clear in the searing words, which condemn the subjugation of reason and individuality beneath on-line tidal waves of falsehood and counterfeit ideology, all of which stop progress dead in its tracks. The gang shouts ring true: 'They won we lost!' The music is super-heated too, powered by thundering and neck-snapping drumwork, gut-punching bass-lines, darting and skittering arpeggios, and blaring chords. The fierce, blood-pumping energy of the music is highly contagious, and so is the brazen intensity of Salgado's screaming yells. And as icing on the cake, you'll encounter a gloriously glittering and fluidly supple solo that's a mesmerizing piece of fireworks all its own."


Watch PSYCHOSOMATIC's  "Personality Agenda" video early only at No Clean Singing  RIGHT HERE .

The Invisible Prison  is out now on LP, CD, and all digital platforms, including merch bundles, through the newly rebuilt Nefarious Industries webshop  HERE  and through all digital providers  HERE .


Watch for playthrough videos and more on  PSYCHOSOMATIC 's  The Invisible Prison  to post in the weeks ahead, with new material in the works for release in 2021.


PSYCHOSOMATIC  has released seven studio albums, two EPs, and much more since their inception in 1988, during the California thrash metal overthrow of the '80s.  With more than three decades of touring the US and Canada under their belt, the band has played over a thousand shows canvasing the North American tapestry with the likes of Exodus, Vio-lence, Death Angel, M.O.D., Havok, D.R.I., Fear, Possessed, Arsis, Warbringer, Exmortus, Black Breath, Ghoul, Possessed, Phobia, The Accused, Eat The Turnbuckle, Hammer Fight, Deathwish, Wartorn, Dr. Know, Verbal Abuse, Attitude Adjustment, Hirax, and many more.


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