Sick Society - Urno1 - Reviewed By Metal Wave! Monday April 5 2021, 8:08 PM
Sick Society - Urno1 - Reviewed By Metal Wave!

Sick Society - Urno1 - Reviewed By Metal Wave ! Check it out here at this link:

The debut disc of these Sick Society from Milan (I don't know if the members have previous experience, having pseudonyms) did not promise much at first approach, due to a cover that frankly looks like a game for super nintendo of series B, as well as for a start that is actually not bad but not exciting, given by a “Wall street” which is in fact a Pantera clone. Not a piece of plagiarism, but a clone band. Fortunately, however, the situation for these guys improves with the passing of these almost 38 minutes, in which the sounds become tighter and the sound becomes more varied. Nothing personal since here there is a continuous reference to the Motorheads in "Sick society" or to the Testament in the good "Lobotomized" or "never think twice", but the point is that the "fun" component is never lacking, and where a rhythm section is not as talented as Vinnie Paul, at least it manages to accompany a guitar that plays the role of the star throughout the record, both when it comes to riffs and when it comes to branding the song through solos. Then of course: sometimes the voice comes out a bit strange, a bit of originality would be good but it practically never happens and even at the end of the cd the Sick Society finish what they have to say and even repeat themselves a bit, but it doesn't matter much: "Urno1" is a record that doesn't want to be who knows how innovative: it is a record that wants us to enjoy and appreciate thrash to the rhythm of headbanging and nothing else, it is a record that owes its existence to only three words: “fun, fun, fun”, and that's it. Not bad in a limp period like this. Give it a chance to buy. It won't be a masterpiece, but at least it keeps the legacy of Testament and associates alive, as well as your urge to headbang! - Metal Wave

Sick Society Is Band Of The Month December 2020 On MDR! Coming in with a totally devastating 11,353 votes!

In 2016 The Preacher and The Saviour locked themselves in a dark and humid cellar and started to compose songs of an extremely violent nature. After a few weeks, an old friend, The Planner, joined the band as bass player. His great musical culture brought a new and strange direction to the Sick-Music. Last but not least, The Executioner joined the band in 2019, in order to give a different approach and the fundamental contribution of an Old School Thrasher! Now, from the bowels of city turmoil, tired of a decadent and mediocre humanity governed by false values, money and power, Sick Society think it’s time to get out from their offices and bring people their original PRIMITIVE METAL.

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