NACTHEULE set release date for new WOLFSPELL album - currently streaming Thursday November 15 2018, 6:35 PM
NACTHEULE set release date for new WOLFSPELL album - currently streaming

Today, Wolfspell Records sets December 21st as the international release date for Nachteule's striking second album, Bergdorf.

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, the one-man Nachteule indeed reverberates with the same freezing passion so endemic of French-Canadian black metal, which has captured the public's imagination this past decade. The work of one Noctis - who also counts Alkymist, Calvaire, and Maeskyyrn among his prolific projects - less than a year after forming, Nachteule already delivered a massive debut album last year titled Vaste inconnu, and now arrives the punchier and more compact Bergdorf. While exhibiting a similarly splendorous aspect in his melodicism as his French-Canadian BM contemporaries, Noctis here dives deeply into a sort of "grim gorgeousness," like ancient Polish black metal given flight by shoegazing swirl. Rest under no delusion, however, that this isn't anything but the purest black metal: Bergdorf is a cold, old world unto itself, much like its cover art.

Nachteule's Bergdorf will be released on digipack CD with booklet. In the meantime, the album is streaming in its entirety HERE at Wolfspell Records' Bandcamp, where it can also be preordered.

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