CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC Post-Doom Instrumentalists To Release The Satanic Singles Series - 'Vol. 1' Out Nov. 6th! [Heavy Psych/Doom Metal] Tuesday October 13 2020, 7:34 PM
CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC Post-Doom Instrumentalists To Release The Satanic Singles Series - 'Vol. 1' Out Nov. 6th! [Heavy Psych/Doom Metal]

Instrumental Post-Doom quartet  CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC  are back with a series of Four 7” Singles. Entitled  The Satanic Singles Series , each new single’s A Side and B Side will be covers of tunes that have had a profound influence on the band, but are not necessarily originating from the Metal/Doom genres.  

The Satanic Singles Series: Volume 1,  which will come out on November 6, 2020, features " Funeral For A Friend"  (yes, the Elton John song) b/w " Also Sprach Zarathustra " (better known as the theme from the movie  2001: A Space Odyssey ). Three more singles will be released in December 2020, January 2021, and February 2021, all leading up to a new ' Cloud Covered'  album, which is scheduled for release in March and will have two additional tunes not included in  The Satanic Singles Series .

Without a doubt these covers will be heavier than the originals, but not necessarily doomier. After six full-length albums (one is a double) of original instrumental doom,  The Satanic Singles Series  and an album of covers is a way for the band to change up the pace -- both for themselves and for their supporters. Still fully instrumental, but with songs well under the 20 minute mark, these songs make for a somewhat different CTS listening experience.

Like their last several releases, the songs included in  The Satanic Singles Series  were engineered and mixed by  Ben Rice  at  Degraw Sound  in Brooklyn and mastered by  Alan Douches  (High On Fire, Converge, Mastodon) at  West West Side Music .   The Satanic Singles Series  art are original pieces by  Alexandre Goulet ,  whose graphic design work has graced numerous metal records including every album by Dopethrone. Be Heavy or Be Doomed…

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Vol. 1  Tracklist :

Funeral For A Friend
Also Sprach Zarathustra

'The Satanic Singles Series Vol. 1'   will be available to order on Friday, November 6th at this location:

The Satanic Singles Series Vol. 1  - Back Cover

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CLOUDS TASTE SATANIC  formed in Brooklyn, New York in 2013. These Post-Doom instrumentalists have steadily built a reputation as one of the few truly great DIY riff-heavy underground bands playing today. Patiently and deliberately developing a unique sound that melds riff-dominated Stoner Rock with Heavy Doom, their live show is a multi-sensory atmospheric display, offering a true experience and companion to their albums.

In 2014, the band released their debut album,  To Sleep Beyond the Earth . The debut, along with sophomore album  Your Doom Has Come  (2015), third album  Dawn of the Satanic Age  (2016), fourth full-length  The Glitter of Infinite Hell  (2017) and their most recent releases  Evil Eye  and  Second Sight  (both in 2019) have all received praise from such illustrious publications as Decibel Magazine, as well as across the internet and social media via CVLT Nation, Doomed & Stoned, The Sludgelord, Invisible Oranges, and many, many more. The band celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2018 by releasing  In Search of Heavy , a four CD Box Set of their complete discography from 2014-2018. We have no doubt that this band has only just begun to stoke the flames of perdition...


"If any band could imbue the concept of infinite Hell with a magical quality it’s these guys. The massive atmosphere they create is untouchable..." - CVLT Nation

"Clouds Taste Satanic are clearly at the forefront of the genre now. The band know when to bring the heavy riffs to the party and when to hold back which helps build up an exciting atmosphere." - Outlaws Of The Sun

"This is an act that never disappoints with the consistently staggering material that they always put out with each release..." - Head-Banger Reviews

"Clouds Taste Satanic is no copycat, wannabe, bullshit music, it’s the best instrumental music you’ll ever hear from this genre." - It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine

"There are a myriad of bands out there travelling the instrumental highway but none come close to replicating what Clouds Taste Satanic bring to the table with their particular brand of instrumental post-doom and lysergic metal." - Desert Psychlist

"...Clouds Taste Satanic live up to the weighty goals they’ve set for themselves, practically in terms of making two records in a year and creatively in terms of crafting something forward-thinking..." - The Obelisk

"...I'll say it again, there is something incredibly cinematic about the music of Clouds Taste Satanic, and should John Carpenter ever start directing again and was looking for musical collaborators, this is the band he should turn to straight away." - Ave Noctum

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