Gallowglas - Revelator - Reviewed By jennytate! Wednesday September 13 2023, 2:24 PM
Gallowglas - Revelator - Reviewed By jennytate!

Gallowglas - Revelator - Reviewed By jennytate ! Check it out here at this link:

‘Revelator’ is the new 5 track EP, from York County, PA, USA’s elemental metal band, Gallowglas.

Marshall Howe – Rapid drum intro. Hard-core vocals. Steam roller heaviness. Unusually repetitive tonality, quite brutally delivered. Almost playing out like a chant. Slowing and quietening, around the bridge, with a gorgeously executed, silky smooth riff solo and a brief oration. Good track progression, from there, emanating mercilessly heavy vocals, right up to the end.

Repeater – Even faster drum blizzard, opening. More hard-core vocals and beats, featuring low-slung bass. Much of this is more shouted than sung, but it’s done in a uniquely consistent shouted tone. Incorporating whammy, feedback reverb and effective wobble, at the end, spitting out the lyrics, impassionedly.

Gaslamp Renegade – Dull, muddy drum beats intro, with more tuneful shouts, following. This is fairly Clutch-esque, stylistically and tonally. Very doom-based sounds. A lot of heavy impact. Impressive grasp of consistent delivery, especially in terms of hard-lined focus. Melodically, SOiL-esque, in places.

Scraps – Gradual, echoed emergence. Then into a full-blooded metal refrain). Greater melody, here, without losing that hardened vocal edge. A noticeable reverb emphasis. Crunchy, but melodic. Looser style, in certain sections. Still sustaining the visceral heaviness, with the bass more prominent, in places. Suddenly fading out, to an almost celestial quiescence.

I.D. 2021 – Very heavy opening. Straight into a full crunch steel hit. It’s an almost solid line of dark vocal energy, throughout. Some great riffage, in both speed and rhythmic terms. Fading out, on a huge doom emphasis.

Overall – The most instantly noticeable facets of ‘Revelator’ are its unusually prominent drum focus; especially as intro features, its unique melodic shouts and the consistency with which they’re delivered. Both points enhance an already stompingly heavy doom production. The added quiescent features provide another layer of charm. Heavily crunchy, with an unpredictable edge, ‘Revelator’ keeps you on your toes, while throwing down a heavyweight of steel.

8/10 ********

For fans of Clutch, SOiL, Boltthrower, KLOGR, Krysthla, Belligerence, Doombanomicon, Cathedral. jennytate  

Release Date: May 5, 2023

FFO: Lamb of God, Gojira, Testament

Location: York County, PA

Short Bio:  Gallowglas is an elemental metal band from PA featuring J. William Heitmann (vox), Don Belch (lead gtr), Brian Faychak (gtr), Brian Durost (drums), Duy Loufik (bass).

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