CHRIS MANNING - Sharp - Streaming On TJ´s Muse Bridge Listen & Chat show! Friday October 9 2020, 5:06 AM
CHRIS MANNING - Sharp - Streaming On TJ´s Muse Bridge Listen & Chat show!

CHRIS MANNING - Sharp - Streaming On TJ´s Muse Bridge Listen & Chat show! Go to ' Museboat Live channel' this Sunday, October 11th, 2020   at 10pm London which is 11pm Berlin, 12pm Athens, 5pm New York, 4pm Saint Louis, 2pm Las Vegas, 7am Tokyo, 6pm Rio de Janeiro, 7am Sydney time. Tj´s Muse Bridge Show page Find an interactive playlist with MBMC TOP 25 CHART NOMINATION button at Tj´s Muse Bridge Show Playlist You and your fans can nominate your song for the chart right there :-)

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RELEASE DATE - November 11, 2020
  NoLifeTilMetal Records is proud to announce the signing of Dallas guitarist, songwriter, and session player Chris Manning as well as the release of his new album “ Destination ” due out November 11th.
 “Chris Manning is an exceptional guitarist and musician.” - Steve Mueller ( Mesa/Boogie LTD )
 Dallas guitarist Chris Manning ( Dvinity , Chris Manning Band, The Zeppelin Project ) returns November 11th with his new album “ Destination ” featuring 11 new AOR, melodic rock songs combining Manning’s signature guitar style with the talents of Hollywood vocalist extraordinaire Chris Hodges ( Neptune Blue, In The End: Linkin Park tribute ).  Manning and Hodges collaborate on a wide range of tracks covering many different styles including “ Start Over Now ”, a stand-out track in the melodic hard rock genre that features the guitar wizardry of legendary KISS/Grand Funk guitarist Bruce Kulick . In addition to his contributions to one track, Bruce Kulick was also the album’s creative consultant. 

Check out the brand new debut single “ Start Over Now ” featuring special guest Bruce Kulick

 “ Chris Manning is a talented guitarist with a unique style and approach. He is capable of playing his instrument with fluid movements, using his dynamic touch of picking technique and creative chord voicing.  His playing excels in his compositions and takes the listener into the colorful ‘World of Manning’. Enjoy his music as he truly explores a full rainbow spectrum of color on this new release.” - Bruce Kulick
 Chris Hodges is an in-demand vocalist and songwriter with credits that include Paramount Music, Sony, MTV, a licensing deal through 411 Music Group as well as a song on the upcoming Top Gun II soundtrack.
 “Hodges’s vocals blew me away. The tone, control, and range of his voice are on par or better than many of the top male rock vocalists out there.”  - The Examiner Magazine
 Joining Manning & Hodges are UK session pro drummer Max Salidi and ace UK studio bassist Dan Hawkins who provide a top-flight rhythm section for Manning’s melodic guitar and Hodge’s intense, dynamic vocals.  Special guests include legendary KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick , vocalist Chandler Mogel (Outloud, Punky Meadows (Angel), Pareidolia) , bassist Rick Read (Herd of Instincts, David Gallegos, The Zeppelin Project), and songwriter Tim Beamguard (Highway 31).
 As an artist with a wide-variety of musical tastes, Chris Manning’s music remains difficult to categorize. His versatile guitar style balances technique and melody appealing to fans of Alice in Chains, Led Zeppelin, George Lynch, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, KISS, and King’s X .  In addition to “Destination”, Manning has released four guitar-oriented albums spanning multiple genres and was featured in Guitar Player magazine (Dec 2008). He is also a founding member of The Zeppelin Project , one of the top Zeppelin tributes in Texas.  Over the past 10 years Manning has traveled throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Kansas, and Missouri playing shows with The Zeppelin Project, The Hindenburg Project, and his original band and has shared stages with Drowning Pool, George Lynch and Lynch Mob, Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmsteen, Dokken, Stephen Pearcy (Ratt), and Dangerous Toys.

The new album is now available for pre order at No Life Til Metal Records and the full release will be available everywhere on November 11th 2020. 

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