TORCH with new studio album "Reignited" on 25.09. at Metalville Records Friday July 24 2020, 5:13 AM
TORCH with new studio album "Reignited" on 25.09. at Metalville Records

The sensational come back album of Swedish Metal legends TORCH stands close before!

New studio album "Reignited" will be released on Sptember 25th at Metalville.

Faster, Heavier & Louder!

That was the motto when Torch started in 1981. Five young metalheads from
the small town Eskilstuna in Sweden, equipped with a big dream and burning

Dan Dark on vocals, Chris J. First and Claus Wild on guitars, Ian Greg on
bass and Steve Streaker on drums.

In this line-up the EP "Fire Raiser" (1982) as well as the albums "Torch"
(1983) and "Electrikiss" (1984) were recorded, followed by tours through
Sweden and Europe. Torch even got kicked out of a Motörhead tour once for
smashing a drum kit.

But already in 1986 the band split up again.

"The Torch" only burned for a few years, but their influence was greater
than the musicians themselves realized. Robb Flynn of Machine Head, for
example, said the first song they ever played live was a Torch song. And
Snowy Shaw of King Diamond said that he named his first band after a song by Torch.

Over the years there were many requests from fans for a reunion. But it
wasn't until 2013 that it finally happened. Four of the founding members
brought their old friend and guitarist Håkky into the band to play on a rock
cruise. The comeback gig was a huge success and the musicians felt that the
time had come to let Torch flare up again. More gigs followed, including one
at the Sweden Rock Festival 2018, where the band was very well received.

But Torch was not satisfied with just living in the past. So in 2019 they
started writing and recording new material. Responsible for the mix and
mastering was none other than Grammy-nominated producer Jacob Hansen
(Volbeat, U.D.O., Pretty Maids).

The result of this work are the first new Torch songs in 35 years, wich will
now see the light of day.


Dan Dark - voc
Chris J First - guit
Håkky - guit
Ian Greg - bass
Steve Streaker - drums


1. Knuckle Duster
2. Collateral Damage
3. All Metal, No Rust
4. Feed The Flame
5. In The Dead Of Night
6. Cradle To Grave
7. Snake Charmer
8. Intruder
9. To the Devil His Due


Fire Raiser (EP) - 1982

Torch - 1983

Elektrikiss - 1984

Reignited - 2020

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