Tool: Top 3 Overlooked Covers [Video] Thursday August 15 2019, 4:46 AM
Tool: Top 3 Overlooked Covers [Video]

As every Tool album hits top-20 in Billboard 200 and their new single Fear Inoculum passes 6 million views mark, there’s only half-month left until the release of their long awaited new record dated on August 30th. To make the remaining days run faster, it is always a good idea to pay some attention to 3 overlooked covers performed by Tool. Which to many people may seem almost as their new songs.


Written by: Ted Nugent
Performed by Tool: 6 times

Tool performed this song around 1998 . Couple of times they were joined by the long-time friend of the band Buzz Osborne (lead singer of Melvins). He would play it in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in 1998.

Demon Cleaner

Written by: Kyuss
Performed by Tool: 2 times

The same year (1998) Tool had a brief, temporal substitution of their great bass player. Scott Reeder (ex-Kyuss member) would step up to play some of the shows with the band, replacing Justin Chancellor. Along with that, Tool decided to add to their live set list one of the best desert rock hits of the 90s. Thereby adding their own sound to the song and making as much if not even more hypnotizing than original. The show was played at San Diego.

Some days It’s Dark

Written by: Death Lurks
Performed by Tool: Once

One of the rarest Tool covers was a song originally played by an imaginary band from the movie “ Kids In The Hall: Brain Candy ” released in 1996. 11 years later Tool played it in Ontario, Canada in their tour for “10,000 days”. It seems very simple and not as complicated as original Tool songs. Nevertheless, it still sounds very Toolish. Notably, it has even more views than the original song.

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