Armum: Check out the music video for "Battle Of Armageddon"! Wednesday May 3 2017, 3:29 PM
Armum: Check out the music video for "Battle Of Armageddon"!

That's it! The new music video for the Death Metal band ARMUM is ready and available on its official YouTube channel. The song "Battle Of Armageddon", extracted from the debut EP "Infernal Domain" and re-recorded with the current lineup, was used for this work.

The recording and audiovisual production were in charge of the new guitarist Guilherme Aguiar Leal. Check it now:

ARMUM, which has been working hard on its current "Brazilian Domain Tour" tour, will have Sangue Frio Records as support for their upcoming releases, both physical and digital, and soon the EP will also be found on the main streaming platforms of the world. For more information about current and future projects of the group write to or .

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