Vulcano: Check it out lyric video for "Behind The Curtains" Thursday April 6 2017, 1:10 PM
Vulcano: Check it out lyric video for "Behind The Curtains"

With the new album "XIV" released recently, VULCANO discloused on the official Sangue Frio Produções on YouTube channel, the first lyric video of the career.

 This is the work done with the song "Behind The Curtains", one of the highlights of the current full length. The audiovisual work was in charge of the video maker Italo Fritzen, check:

 Previously the well received "XIV" had been made available in the main digital platforms by the group, see:

 The album is also available for sale on the Sangue Frio Records website, get:

To check all the videos released by the producer, go to:

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