Vulcano: New album, "XIV", is ready and available! Thursday February 16 2017, 2:30 PM
Vulcano: New album, "XIV", is ready and available!

 Finally! What many expected finally happened, it is the official launch of the new album of one of the legends of Metal Extreme world, VULCANO.

 "XIV" is the fourteenth work of the group, which completes in 2017, 36 years of career. The full length was officially announced in December 2016 and fulfilling the schedule is now available for sale in physical format.

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 The work presents to the public the new formation of VULCANO with the return of Carlos Diaz in the bass, the entrance of Gerson Fajardo on guitar alongside Zhema Rodero - guitarist and founder - and to complete the team, Atrhur "Von Barbarian" Rodrigues on drums and Luiz Carlos Louzada on vocals.

 Recently the album "XIV" was made available by the band on the main digital platforms, check the complete article:

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