Aske: Band releases cover of new album "Broken Vow" Thursday August 24 2017, 3:30 PM
Aske: Band releases cover of new album "Broken Vow"

 After announcing a change in their lineup in March 2017, the band ASKE announces its newest project for this year.

 "Broken Vow", the new work will feature five songs, among them a cover not yet released, plus a bonus track: it's the remastered song "Übermensch", used in the band's music video, released late last year . Enjoy the art created by Filipe Salvini and Ayla de Lillith:


 Filipe Salvini, the mind behind ASKE, commented on the decision to launch an EP:

 "Our band has gone through a brief adaptation period in recent months and we think a material with few new songs would be a good way to stay honest in our production and ideal to prepare for a bigger future."

"Broken Vow" was recorded, mixed and mastered by Eugenio Stefane in 1979 Studio, São Carlos, São Paulo (Brazil), and its release - both physical and digital - will be in charge of the labels Corvo Records and Sangue Frio Records.

 The group recently released the song "Mardi Gras", which presented the new phase of ASKE and will be on the new album, check out:

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