Armum presents the "Infernal Domain Tour 2017", check it out! Tuesday August 1 2017, 6:16 PM
Armum presents the "Infernal Domain Tour 2017", check it out!

 The brazilian Death Metal band ARMUM announced its new project for this second half of 2017.

 This is the "Infernal Domain Tour 2017", which since its inception this year, has already added 24 shows, going through 11 states in two countries, having seen the mini tour in Argentina, where it will bring a good international projection to the group. Check out the full poster below, with available dates:

 As mentioned above, ARMUM follows dates available for the "Infernal Domain Tour 2017". Producers interested in knowing more write to or and ask for a quote.

 In other news, the band will be releasing their current EP "Infernal Domain" on the main streaming platforms, via SANGUE FRIO RECORDS, to find out more:

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