Interview with artist MARK TIZARD by Dave Wolff Monday September 16 2019, 7:47 PM
Interview with artist MARK TIZARD by Dave Wolff

Mark Tizard from Ilkeston, United Kingdom is a dark, surreal artist who takes inspiration from ancient legends and describes his work as “esoteric mythology”. His Facebook group The Hidden Gallery is just starting out and much of his work can be viewed there. Tizard is also the cover artist for Steven Michael Pape ’s new publication “Inner Voices: 3 AM Poems” which is now available for purchase via Amazon and other internet outlets. Most of what influences Tizard is his extensive study of ancient Sumerian civilization and culture; he cites its contributions to modern agriculture, mathematics, language and science. English folklore and legend also plays a part in inspiring Tizard; Patricia Crowther and Julian Cope are two authors he recommends if you’re interested in learning about old English folk tales. Linke to The Hidden Gallery and his pages on Redbubble, Instagram and Burningark are included in the interview linked below.

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