Interview with Mehrzad of JAWZAEL by Dave Wolff Monday September 16 2019, 7:40 PM
Interview with Mehrzad of JAWZAEL by Dave Wolff

Jawzael is an Iranian black metal band that cannot be classified as melodic, atmospheric, symphonic or extreme, though each of those elements are part of them. You can consider them cosmic black metal since they lyrically draw from cosmology, astronomy, the occult, Sumerian history and Sumerian mythology. Musically they reflect these subjects and their interpretation of life and death, and their approach to songwriting is as intellectual as it is haunting and disturbing. The band relies heavily on language to create a world based on ancient beliefs and legends. If you listen to their 2019 full length “Nibiri” after reading the interview done with Mehrzad it will have a profound effect on your psyche.

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