Interview with AUBZAGL by Dave Wolff Monday September 16 2019, 7:45 PM
Interview with AUBZAGL by Dave Wolff

The Yorkshire, United Kingdom black metal band Aubzagl released their debut EP “Eilífa Kuldinn” (Icelandic for “eternal cold”) on June 2019. Available in digital and streaming, it has received support from independent zines and net radio outlets, including Head-Banger Reviews, Black Metal Daily, Musipedia Of Metal and The Autopsy Report rock & metal radio show. Following their 2018 demo “Oath of Blood”, “Eilífa Kuldinn” is comprised of songs that were written and composed over a three year period. The lyrics, penned by the band’s lead vocalist, center on the old gods, sacrilege, esoteric subjects and mental health related topics. New material is already being put together for another release, and Aubzagl plan to expand their creativity further into the territory of musical strangeness.

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