Interview with 25TH MISSION by Dave Wolff Monday September 16 2019, 7:46 PM
Interview with 25TH MISSION by Dave Wolff

Long Island’s 25th Mission are middle aged and still metal fans, and assert the fondness for their craft is no casual adolescent phase. They are accountants, students, LIRR workers and landscapers but haven’t lost their edge for classic metal, craft beer, Jack Daniels and Johnny Walker. They don’t seek to revolutionize the genre, only to embody the spirit that spawned “Kill ‘em All”, “Peace Sells”, “Piece of Mind”, “Screaming for Vengeance”, “Hail to England”, “Paranoid”, “Appetite for Destruction” and “Led Zeppelin II.” The 80s are gone but the band remains to keep the memory alive. 25th Mission is named after a term that originated in the days of World War II. In those days an airman’s terms of service was defined by how many missions they completed and was allowed to return home to their families after twenty-five. But most airmen could expect to complete only fourteen missions before being killed. As fans of the same artists from the era of classic metal, the band play what they call "Retro-Metal" and describe it as being like a lost album from 1987 that you completely missed.

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