The Slipknot Maggot Culture|What is it all about? Wednesday May 29 2019, 10:42 AM
The Slipknot Maggot Culture|What is it all about?

#slipknot #maggotcorps #culture The Slipknot Maggot Culture|What is it all about? What is going on ladies and gentleman of youtube! The underground metal gamer is back with yes Another livestream, why? because i feel like it. I will be doing an actual video for you guys today as well I will be doing part 25 of the slipknot siccness with THE HERETIC ANTHEM so make sure you check that all out as well! Also if you would be so kind as to check out my new Teespring store i would greatly appreciate it! Represent your support for THE UNDERGROUND METAL GAMER and sport one of these awesome tshirts right now! Alright so alot of people think this band sucks, people constantly slam and put down slipknot and its culture of fans, they call us kids, fat, ugly, stupid, posers, they say we dont know good metal etc. As a diehard maggot i feel that it's time to clear this up. I for one am sick of assholes in the metal community shitting on us and this band. Now, i admit i have been hard on deathcore and slam and its community and i have reconciled for it and i no longer do that. On todays stream I am going to explain the maggot culture and why slipknot is so important to millions of people worldwide of ALL AGE RANGES. Oh and by the way you "metal elitist" douchebags, ALL KINDS OF METAL attracts young kids! i know hundreds of kids under the age of 15 that listen to your precious CANNIBAL CORPSE and SLAYER etc, so sit down and shut the fuck up! Preorder WE ARE NOT YOUR KIND HERE- Please support the stream Check out my teespring store for official TUMG merchandise here Remember to please follow me on all social media

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