Saturday Night Metal Chat Live! Wednesday May 29 2019, 10:35 AM
Saturday Night Metal Chat Live!

Saturday night metal chat live! Whats up everyone and welcome to saturday night metal chat live! Yes another livestream for you fine people, videos are planned for this upcoming week. I wanted to do alot of livestreams to commemorate both Paul Gray and Gabrielle Crahan, but i also felt centering in on alot of Slipknot related content was necessary as I feel that most of this channels content is centered around Slipknot of course. I have some great content coming up for you guys in the coming months. I am going to be going back in time to all of the great albums that I listened to growing up ranging from classic rock, classic hard rock, and classic metal etc so that I can attract a wider more broad subscription and viewer base, but also to give you guys a more in depth history into my world of heavy metal and hard rock! Enjoy tonights livestream! I am going to be playing alot of black metal tonight and black ambient on the stream so enjoy! Preorder WE ARE NOT YOUR KIND HERE- Please support the stream Check out my teespring store for official TUMG merchandise here Remember to please follow me on all social media

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