The Seed Tuesday May 14 2019, 8:46 PM
The Seed

The Seed-Ep #1-The history of Slipknot Pt.1

Alright ladies and gentleman what is up? The underground metal gamer here and Welcome to "THE SEED" Episode #1-The history of Slipknot part 1. But before we get into this I want to invite you to follow me on all social media on twitter @chrispeeters870 and on instagram chrispeeters8705 Subscribe to my youtube channel the underground metal gamer. Make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn on those notifications. You can also check me out on twitch at undergroundmetalelitst. Also if you want to check out the patreon page, head on over to . Support is completely optional but you are going to get EXCLUSIVE content, like these podcasts as well as other perks and rewards for supporting the channel. I want to say thank you to all of my patrons so far. Your continued support has been awesome! Alright so tonight We begin with a band you probably have heard me talk alot about on the channel. A band that has been with me for over 20 years now and you might love this band you might hate this band, but either way it makes no difference to me. So who is this band?

It is none other than the native des moines iowan 9 headed beast Known to the metal world as SLIPKNOT. Now, whether you love them, or hate them, the impact that this band has had on metal is unquestionable and undeniable. Their music connects with millions of hardcore diehards across the globe, affectionately known as "maggots" I myself wear that label with pride. The pride in knowing that despite all odds, adversity and hatred we receive. We and Slipknot are forever. The only other fan base that I can think of that had this kind of intensity and loyalty was PANTERA's fanbase in all honesty, and also perhaps slayers fan base as well.