Possessed-Graven Reaction/Review Wednesday May 29 2019, 10:17 AM
Possessed-Graven Reaction/Review

#possessed #graven #reaction #review Possessed-Graven Reaction/Review Get Revelations of oblivion here- https://media.nuclearblast.de/shoplan... Alright, what is up ladies and gentleman how are you all doing? The underground metal gamer is back with another video and today I am Reacting to and reviewing POSSESSED's brand new single GRAVEN off of the brand new album REVELATIONS OF OBLIVION which was released may 10th 2019 Go to the link down below https://media.nuclearblast.de/shoplan... Before we get into this video I want to invite you to follow me on all social media.... make sure you hit that subscribe button down below and turn on all notifications. You can follow me on twitch twitch.tv/undergroundmetalelitist also follow me on twitter and instagram. Check out the patreon page as well it is completely optional and you are going to get exlcusive content not featured on youtube. I have started a podcast called THE SEED and i have done the history of slipknot parts 1 and 2 already for you guys. Part 3 is coming this sunday so stay tuned. Now i want to invite you guys to check out my teespring store for exclusive TUMG merchandise... so here is the clip....... alright guys we are back and also near the end of this video im going to show you guys how you can help me get to possessed for the quebec death fest to see possessed live and interview them back stage! Alright so POSSESSED-Graven reaction right here today and before we get into this song I want to talk a bit more about this album(im still waiting on my copy to get to me) Revelations of oblivion is a very brutal album but its also extremely new and fresh but it also maintains that old school possessed sound that so many purists crave from the "SEVEN CHURCHES" Era of POSSESSED. I am a fan of both old and new possessed and I think that this new lineup is absolutely killer as i have said in my other possessed videos, make sure you check out TUMG/POSSESSED productions right up there in the top corner of your screen there should be an info card popping up right now in case you missed those 3 interviews I have already done with possessed as well as my 2 reaction reviews of ABANDONED and NO MORE ROOM IN HELL, you can also check out my review of SEVEN CHURCHES there as well! This time around we get a more well rounded POSSESSED with revelations of oblivion and I honestly believe its their best work to date. Emilio is an absolute beast on the drums and claudeous,robert,daniel and jeff sound so fucking tight on this album as well. There is so much talent at work here that it blows the fucking mind. Alright so without further ado im going to mute out the microphone here and we are going to listen to GRAVEN by POSSESSED!!! ....and we are back and my god what a killer song and the music video is incredible too and features Peter stormaire how fucking cool is that? so the video starts off with a young boy and his father driving along a country road and the father becomes concerned about his son's salvation and they pull up and go into the local church which appears to be in the middle of some sermon. but it all goes horribly wrong as jeff comes out in the wheelchair and peter stormaire is playing the part of an evil priest and as jeff begins reciting lyrics all while holding a bible and talking about how satan and evil are going to overthrow the earth the atmosphere of the video changes and matches the contrast of the lyrics and the brutal music and peter seems to be individually possessing the church goers and they begin shaking and spewing blood from their mouths and it all points to the theme of the video the music really matches the atmosphere of the video, Its dark, brooding and relentlessly fast. Jeff's lyrcism has really improved alot since the days of SEVEN CHURCHES and he is exploring themes here that werent present on other albums as i feel he is more alluding to what if jesus christ never existed and there was only satan? Pretty damn heavy subject matter and its presented very well here and the one of the video really sets the mood for the music that accompanies it. The cinematography here is done so well with plenty of special effects and awesome lighting effects as well. Peter stormaire in particular looks absolutely sinister and brings the evil priest to life in only the way HE can do it and no one else... Peter's presence here really adds to the unsettling disturbing atmosphere of the video and the music itself. https://www.facebook.com/groups/thetr... https://teespring.com/stores/tumg-tru... https://twitter.com/Chrispeeters870 https://www.patreon.com/theundergroun... https://www.twitch.tv/undergroundmeta... https://www.instagram.com/chrispeeter... https://untappd.com/user/chrisp8705 https://streamlabs.com/theunderground...

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