Al-Namrood - Kitab Al Awthan - Reviewed At Metal Digest! Thursday July 8 2021, 7:33 PM
Al-Namrood - Kitab Al Awthan - Reviewed At Metal Digest!

Al-Namrood - Kitab Al Awthan - Reviewed At Metal Digest ! Check it out here at this link:

Originally released in 2012, it is being given the full vinyl treatment, out later in July 2021

As someone who has loved World Music for years and is warming up to Black Metal, I was more than intrigued with hearing Al-Namrood.  There are many Metal artists in the Middle East, but not all are overtly anti-religion. As such, the ideological and religious components weigh in just a bit more heavily.

Filled with killer buzzsaw riffs, scorching vocals, and the darkest of undertones, ‘Kitab Al Awthan’ is outstanding Black Metal. Add the flawlessly interwoven Middle Eastern flavors, and this is something special. Al-Namrood creates a perfect melding of shifting Western melodies and Middle Eastern microtones. In other words, another great discovery awaits.

Stand out tracks:

Presented at a frantic pace, “Kiram al Mataia” makes especially good use of indigenous percussion, while “Ashab Al Aika,” with its wall of fuzzed-out guitars and keyboards is (almost) too much to take. The instrumental closing track, “Wa Ma Kan Lil Sufha Entisar” is almost cinematic in scope, a nice bookend to the album’s opening song “Mirath Al Shar.”

All in all, an amazing musical exploration, but after a while, I was longing for a bit more variation. If you are looking for a bit of musical and mental expansion, this may be the place to start. - Metal Digest

FFO - Batushka, Krzysztof Drabikowski, Mgła

Originally released in 2012 by Al-Namrood, this album is now coming out for the first time on vinyl on July 21 2021 in its original sound. The vinyl will be limited to 300 with 200 being black and 100 being splatter orange/black. 

That (Black) Metal has found its way into the most remote places in the world is nothing new. Saudi Arabia, however, is still a specialty, after all, it is certainly no picnic to produce such music in an Islamic state of God. Nonetheless, curious and open-minded listeners of extreme musical styles should risk an ear, because AL-NAMROOD is definitely well thought-out -

Offers a lot more than Black Metal with a few oriental sprinkles. Here, too, the black art is coherently interwoven with Arabic rhythms and melodies, creating a very unique sound from which the Norwegian roots rarely emerge. The mixture turns out to be extremely catchy and atmospherically gripping, and works in both mid-tempo and faster pace. -

I wish I could tell you what the song titles mean, but my Arabic is a little rusty. But I can tell you what they sound like. They sound like a massive sandstorm sweeping across the Arabian peninsula. - No Clean Singing

That's presumably because it's a lot easier to be in an anti-Christian metal band in the US, than in an anti-Islamic metal band in Saudi Arabia. In America, your obstacles extend to overhearing your mom tell a friend you're just "going through a phase." In Saudi Arabia, you face social ostracism and the possibility of imprisonment or death. - Vice News

Released January 20, 2012

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