GIMME METAL: Terminal Bliss, Einherjer, Cadaver, And Portrayal Of Guilt Guest DJ Specials Announced, Weekly Metal Chart Posted, And More! Tuesday March 2 2021, 5:57 AM
GIMME METAL: Terminal Bliss, Einherjer, Cadaver, And Portrayal Of Guilt Guest DJ Specials Announced, Weekly Metal Chart Posted, And More!

Each week, GIMME METAL publishes its radio chart listing the top 40 tracks played on the station. Already the best metal discovery service online, the GIMME METAL chart is a powerful tool for listeners, labels, and artists for staying up to date on the best new metal released by established greats and up-and-coming underdogs, all handpicked by GIMME’s knowledgeable DJ roster and editorial team.
GIMME METAL Chart – March 1, 2021: 
1. Summoning The Lich - “Cult Of The Ophidian”
2. Wode - “Vanish Beneath”
3. Cult Of Luna - “What I Leave Behind”
4. Fuath - “Into The Forest of Shadows”
5. Disfiguring The Goddess - “Sooth”
6. Hulder - “Sown In Barren Soil”
7. Abiotic - “Souvenir Of Skin”
8. Gimli, Son Of Glóin - “Nary A Man Nor Beast Shall Outsmart The Refined Skills Of A Dwarf Of Erebor”
9. Vokonis - “Blackened Wings”
10. Conan - “Hawk As Weapon (Live At Freak Valley)”
Click  HERE  for the full Top 40 List.
This week on GIMME METAL:
GIMME METAL’s Metal Matters Podcast Gets TWO New Hosts! - Fred Pessaro (Revolver, Vice, Decibel, etc.) and Michael Berdan (Uniform, ex-Drunkdriver), are taking over Metal Matters! GIMME METAL’s Metal Matters podcast is a weekly discussion about all things surrounding the extreme music spectrum. Tune in every week for discourse about some things classic, some things new and all things heavy. The first episode drops Tuesday, March 2nd where previous host Mike Hill (Tombs) will be handing over the reigns. 
Terminal Bliss Guest DJ Special - Terminal Bliss – the hardcore punk outfit featuring members of Pg. 99, Mammoth Grinder, Suppression, and more – recently unleashed their ten-track chaotic debut EP Brute Err/ata via Relapse Records. A name born out of the merciless consumerism and environmental destruction that are America’s enduring legacy, Terminal Bliss is inspired by the likes of Born Against, Gauze, and Void — not to mention Black Flag, Crass, Negative Approach, Disrupt, Necros, Crossed Out, and Disclose. From dystopian, sci-fi themes in tracks such as “March Of The Grieving Droid,” to the apathy of the checked-out masses on “Small One Time Fee'' and the personal recount of loss and the inefficacy of our healthcare system in "Clean Bill Of Wealth," it’s the merging of personal experience and social critique that has informed the punk edge behind the members of Terminal Bliss for decades now. GIMME METAL is pleased to celebrate their LP release with an exclusive guest DJ show. Don’t miss it!
Einherjer Guest DJ Special  - Viking Metal pioneers Einherjer are back with their eighth studio album, North Star, once again solidifying their status as the pioneers of blending Nordic black metal and folk metal genres to create pure Norse heavy metal once again. Singer/guitarist/bassist Frode Glesnes and drummer/keyboardist Gerhard Storesund return in amazing form, and back on their original imprint Napalm after twenty-five years. Hook-laden to say the least yet wildly pummeling, GIMME METAL is honored to have the band take over the DJ console this Wednesday. 
Cadaver All-Norwegian Guest DJ Special  - Megadeth stickman (and host of GIMME METAL’s weekly Dirk's Extreme Blast on Wednesdays 11:00am EST / 8:00am PST) Dirk Verbeuren was always a huge fan of Norwegian death brutes Cadaver, so when he met Anders Odden in 2014 and started drumming with him shortly after, the evolution of songs in the wake and eventual reboot of Cadaver led to studio time in Los Angeles and a new Nuclear Blast release, Edder & Bile. The crystallized nug of rawness and primitivity that earmarked early Cadaver is well repped here, a true feast of filth. GIMME welcomes Odden to the DJ seat once again for an all-Norwegian metal special. 
Portrayal Of Guilt Guest DJ Special - Purveyors of relentless, menacing blasts of post-HC/blackened/screamo mayhem, Austin, Texas continues to break barriers with new, innovative, hybridized metal and the trio Portrayal Of Guilt is no exception. We Are Always Alone hit in January on Closed Casket Activities. GIMME METAL welcomes the band to their first ever guest DJ special which promises to be nothing short of pummeling. 
Coming soon to GIMME METAL TV:
Tsjuder: Live At Tribute in Sandnes, Norway - Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Tsjuder is a three-piece outfit known best for their relentless, aggressive approach to black metal. Initially released as part of the band’s Norwegian Apocalypse: Oslo vs Sandnes DVD, GIMME METAL TV will be airing the band’s classic and grim 2005 performance from Sandnes, Norway. Prepare to be destroyed by Tsjuder's merciless, razor-wire assault!
Saturday Horror Feature: Zombie Hosted by Kelsey Chapstick: This Saturday’s horror feature is a re-airing of Zombie for those who missed it last month with the added bonus of GIMME METAL’s  hostess of darkness, Kelsey Chapstick! Zombie is a 1979 Lucio Fulci-directed horror classic (originally titled Zombi 2). In this film, strangers searching for a young woman’s missing father arrive at a tropical island where a doctor desperately seeks the cause and cure of a recent epidemic of the undead. Be sure to tune in for Chapstick’s pre and post flick commentary, which is always a guaranteed good time! 
Upcoming on GIMME METAL:
3/09 The Crown  
3/10 Wolf King 
3/12 Pupil Slicer  
3/16 Conan 
3/17 Primordial St. Patrick’s Day All-Irish Metal Special
3/19 Eyehategod  
3/23 Fuath
3/24 Amon Acid  
3/26 Autopsy  
3/27 GIMME Global Metal Day #2 on Metal 2 (International Specials)
3/29 Michael Alago  
3/29 No Clean Singing
3/30 My Dying Bride
3/31 Decibel Finnish Death Special  
3/31 Genghis Tron  
4/01 Wode 
4/06 Memoriam  
4/07 Horndal 
4/09 The Lion's Daughter  
4/13 Akiavel 
4/14 Small Stone Label Special 
4/14 Metal Sydney 
4/16 Exciter 
4/20 Bongzilla 420 Special 
4/27 Vreid 
4/28 Carbonized Label Special 
4/30 Unique Leader Label Special 
5/01 Capra 
5/05 Evile 
5/07 Molten 
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