Tribulance - Band Of The Month May 2017 Sunday April 30 2017, 2:16 PM
Tribulance - Band Of The Month May 2017

Rising from the ashes in 2012, Tribulance played its first show in over ten years on September 7th, 2012! .

Overcoming trials and life’s tribulations, Tribulance is on a one way path to the top of the local food chain. What happens after that, is only fate…

Stay tuned for upcoming shows, photos, member info, and much more…

Band Members
Mike Vidal: Vocals
Sal Flores: Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Backup Vocals
Gino Silva: Bass/Backup Vocals
Brandon Lee: Drums/Backup Vocals

Tucson, AZ

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ResaD Congrats!
last year
DJ REM These guys kick ass!!! \m/
last year
ResaD 100 percent agree with that!
last year
Zach Moonshine
The Beast fuck yeah
last year
DJ Thunderess
DJ Thunderess congrats!!! Well deserved awesome band!!!
last year
ResaD Thank you!
last year
Tribulance We wanna say thank you for this! Seeing the response, and hearing about the response from our Rep has been amazing! Looking forward to this month!
last year