Vinnechi V-rOcKs PiT Petaccio
Vinnechi V-rOcKs PiT Petaccio
Vinnechi V-rOcKs PiT Petaccio

Today is vinnechi.petaccio's Birthday
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V-rOcKs PiT \Mp3 Playlist/

Inquisition- Hail the King of Heathens,

Vehemence- You Don't Hafto Be...,

Vital Remains- Let the Killing Begin/Dechristianize,
the Project Hate- Resurrected For Massive Torture,
Goatwhore- Three-Headed Baphomet, Slayer- Criminally Insane, Perversion Of Pain, Darkness of Christ/ Disciple, New Faith, Cult & Bloodline,
Vio-Lence- Calling in the Coroner, Overkill- Fuck You, Head First & Powersurge,
Dark Angel- Perish in Flames, Cryptopsy- Back to the Worms,
Gorguts- Hideous Infirmity,
Blood Tsunami- Let Blood Rain & Killing Spree,
Nailbomb- Wasting Away,
Sepultura- Attitude & Desperate Cry, Soulfly- Arise Again & Eye For an Eye, Machine Head- Struck a Nerve & Old, Viking- Militia of Death,
Nuclear Assault- Something Wicked, Slipknot- All Hope is Gone,
Rose Funeral- Sledge Hammer Face-Lift,
Dying Fetus- One Shot,One Kill,
SoulDrinker- Damn the Machine,
From Ashes Rise- the Final Goodbye,
Saint Diablo- Dark Horse,
KISS- Unholy & Psycho Circus,
Masnada- Ganja Waya,
DIO- Strange Highways & One Foot in the Grave,
Heaven and Hell- the Bible Black,
Hatebreed- This is Now (Live),
Helloween- Are You Metal & Starlight,
Anthrax- What Doesn't Die,
the Bloody Stools- Choke the Load,
C.O.C. (Corrosion of Conformity)- Vote With A Bullet,
Helstar- Remnants Of War,
Lacuna Coil- Our Truth (Live),
Soundgarden- Outshined,
Forbidden- Step By Step,
Arch Enemy- I Am Legend / Out For Blood,
Chimaira- Nothing Remains (Live) & Cleansation (Live),
Sanctuary- Die For My Sins,
Bloodsimple- Straight Hate,
Motley Crue- T.N.T. (Terror n Tinseltown)/ Dr. Feelgood,
Judas Priest w/ Tim "the Ripper" Owens - BloodStained,
Cold Snap- Rise Again,
Eletrika- Zombie Factory,
PRO-PAIN - Don't Kill Yourself to Live,
Slipknot- Surfacing,
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JUDAS PRIEST To Release 'Firepower' Album; North American Tour Announced
British heavy metal legends   JUDAS PRIEST   will release their new studio album,   "Firepower" , in early 2018. The band will support the disc's release with a...
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As of Now I Will No Longer Be in Chat..... \💀/
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Ummm, New MDR SITE... \💀/

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