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last year
Tour was damn amazing! Thanks to everyone that came out to our shows, bought our merch, and hung out with us. So many new friends and good times!
We leave for tour in just 2 days! Releasing our music video at the local Roxy Theatre tomorrow, playing our tour kickoff show on Thursday, then hitting the road Friday morning!
The Roxy in Saskatoon is going to screen the debut of our official music video right before a screening of "Heavy Metal"on April 25! Wicked!
Thanks to everyone who came to see us open up for All That Remains, and Throw the Fight last night! What an amazing thing to be a part of :)
It's going to be an awesome weekend. Saturday we shoot the rest of our debut music video, and Monday we open up for THE All That Remains!!!!
3 days until our music video shoot, and 5 days until we open for All That Remains!
It's going to be a good week.
We are opening for All That Remains,and Throw the Fight in our hometown Saskatoon,on December 18th!If you're close get your tickets from us!
Band of the Month is open. Help us bring this one in by getting in there and voting! Stay tuned for a pending brain-crushing announcement.