What Do You Need, To Be A DJ On MDR?

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Zach Moonshine
03/30/19 11:33:35PM
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A running computer and a good collection of properly tagged mp3s

(if you need help tagging mp3s click here https://www.mp3tag.de/en/

You will need a microphone if you plan on talking in between songs.

You will need some DJ software like MIXXX https://www.mixxx.org/ which is free or Sam Broadcaster if you are pro. https://spacial.com/sam-broadcaster-pro/

We help you set up your encoder on your software of choice.


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06/10/19 10:28:09PM
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i have sams broadcaster ben djin on it for over 10 years now, is it a issue to dj with sams, i have over 50k songs in my sams why is the change going to effect how i dj