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Zach Moonshine
06/03/17 08:50:09PM
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Recently we changed commenting formats for the site from native comments to using disqus comments so that anyone on the web basically can now comment on anything posted on MDR. This cuts down on wait time for people to sign up to the site just to comment and increases how much things you post here can be shared and interacted with. The problem however with groups was that i could not get rid of the native comments without also removing groups. So since its much more important to get interaction and feedback on items posted on MDR we decided to remove the groups and comments plugin and now we are using Disqus 100% on site for all comments on everything. Sine the band submissions group was also a very important thing on MDR we created a forum for you guys to use now and you can post any band submissions or news about your bands or anything related in this forum the forum still uses a built in response system with an editor so what you can do is use that to leave a comment or even review each others bands if you want and use the link to the response on reverbnation or anything else you do for promo packs etc.

You can also post videos from youtube and songs from soundcloud on your profile by logging in and just clicking the options in your profile menu. Then share the items on social accounts to get comments and feedback. Everything posted on MDR is ranked pretty high on google since we get soo much traffic to the site so the more you post and add to your profiles the better if you need help with anything or instructions simply visit the site forum here

10/09/17 08:36:19PM
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