New Music: SEPTAGE - Septic Decadence Thursday October 1 2020, 12:00 AM
New Music: SEPTAGE - Septic Decadence

ME SACO UN OJO RECORDS is proud to present SEPTAGE's striking debut EP, Septic Decadence, on 7" vinyl format. Pyre Press will be handling the cassette tape version.

Although a brand-new entity, SEPTAGE feature members of Taphos and Hyperdontia, and are perhaps unsurprisingly yet another sterling addition to Copenhagen's thriving death metal scene of late. However, unlike those two bands, SEPTAGE indeed dwell deeply within sewage and gore, exhibiting a sound that reverentially nods to early Carcass as well as the contemporaneous Finnish death metal scene such records as Reek of Putrefaction and especially Symphonies of Sickness so inspired.

On evidence of the band's debut EP, Septic Decadence, SEPTAGE are a fresh breath of foul old air, proudly presenting themselves as a gore-infested death metal band whilst offering new knife twists to the subgenre. Aptly titled, Septic Decadence burrows within slime and grime and yet has a remarkably clear-headed approach that only heightens that physical/metaphysical grossness; let one not dare call it "clean," but SEPTAGE's execution here is extremely articulate, their chops truly enviable. Likewise, the EP maintains a crispy 'n' cutting production that's richly analog in feel. Together, these elements combine to create a shock & awe record of righteous proportions: four songs in 12 minutes, the listener left stunned by the punishing pustulence the band so effortlessly dole out. And as vividly displayed by climactic closer "Septicious Septic," the haunting's just begun...

SEPTAGE lineup
Malik - bass and backing vocals
Ugur - one-foot blast and vocals
Tobias - guitar and backing vocals


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